No on Prop 15: Carl DeMaio and Small Business Owners Warn of New Home-Based Business Tax

No on Prop 15: Carl DeMaio and Small Business Owners Warn of New Home-Based Business Tax

Carl DeMaio and a coalition of small business owners and advocates today held a press conference to urge voters to vote NO on Prop 15 - the massive statewide property tax hike on the November ballot.  “We already know that Prop 15 immediately imposes a massive tax hike on California’s small businesses, but we are also now learning that the fine print in Prop 15 also authorizes state politicians to impose a new tax on home-based businesses,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California. DeMaio and the small business coalition he assembled decried the cost of Prop 15’s tax hike…

Carl DeMaio’s California Election Guide 2020

Carl DeMaio’s California Election Guide 2020

The 2020 California General Election ballot is REALLY long and confusing - and over 240 tax hikes have been placed on the ballot this cycle.  Worse, politicians have even deceptively worded several ballot measures to hide the tax hikes and other bad policies! Fortunately, Carl DeMaio reviews all ballot measures and candidates and produces a “Plain English” voter guide to help voters by revealing which ballot measures contain tax hikes and suggesting some great candidates that are worthy of support. Please review the voter guide for yourself - and then share it with your friends by emailing/posting this simple link:…

Carl DeMaio Blasts Court Decision to Make California Tax Hikes Easier

Liberal judges are trying to fool voters by lowering the bar for tax hikes. Their decision allows tax hikes with a majority vote rather than a two-thirds majority vote. Carl DeMaio and Reform California are fighting back on this decision so politicians cannot raise our taxes more easily.

Carl DeMaio Holds Town Hall on Top 12 Target Races in California

It will be a tough election cycle for us in California. Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio is fighting back hard and held a town hall on the top 12 target races in California. DeMaio announced the 12 Top Target Seats for Republicans in California and discussed what can be done to either pick up seats or save seats for Republicans. California State Senators Moorlach and Chang were in attendance as well as several other candidates from across the state. The target seats include Congressional seats as well as state senate and assembly seats, many of which overlap each other which…

Carl DeMaio Leads Coalition to Defeat All Tax Hikes on the Ballot in San Diego County

Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio is leading several coalition groups in San Diego County to warn local voters of the 13 tax hike measures that can bring over $2.5 billion in new debt to taxpayers. Watch his interview warning voters of the tax hikes and what they can do to help stop them from passing.

San Diego County Voters Face Expensive November Election Ballot: 13 Tax Hike Measures, $2.5 Billion in New Debt

San Diego County Voters Face Expensive November Election Ballot: 13 Tax Hike Measures, $2.5 Billion in New Debt

Carl DeMaio Slams Local Politicians for Proposing Costly Tax Hikes During Pandemic; Urge “NO” Votes on All Local Tax and Bond Measures In the midst of a severe economic downturn and pandemic, local politicians in San Diego county are asking struggling taxpayers for even more money by filling November’s local election ballot with 13 separate tax hike measures. Local politicians hope that a crowded ballot combined with no funded and organized opposition campaign may result in their favored tax hike passing. Not this year. A coalition of activists, elected leaders, and taxpayer advocates led by Reform California today will hold a press conference to announce a unified…

Carl DeMaio Challenges Lorena Gonzalez on AB 5 to “Just Say the Words”

Lorena Gonzalez Can’t Say These 10 Words:“AB 5 Doesn't Apply to Parents Hiring Tutors and Teachers”  Will parents face stiff fines and penalties under a new law called AB-5 if they hire tutors during the Covid-19 shutdown of schools? Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, the author of the controversial law, won’t say.   Today Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California, challenged Gonzalez to put the question to bed by tweeting a simple statement “AB 5 Does Not Apply to Parents Hiring Tutors and Teachers.”  “It’s time for Lorena Gonzalez to put up or shut up by saying the magic 10 words every parent in California is looking…

Carl DeMaio Working to Suspend AB5 for Parents and Children

Governor Newsom is threatening parents with penalties for hiring tutors during his shut down of schools. Carl DeMaio sets the record straight on the issue and is calling for the Governor to repeal AB5 so parents don’t have their children fall behind and so that tutors can teach our children. Sign and share the petition to demand the repeal of AB5 at

San Diego County Caught Reporting FALSE Covid Data

Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio was on KUSI to discuss that we are not analyzing the right Covid data. DeMaio shows that positive case counts are not the best indicator for this disease – as more tests are conducted, more positive cases will be found. DeMaio says hospitalization rates and deaths are much better indicators to analyze when implementing government mandated lockdowns on businesses and lifestyle. Hospitalization rates and deaths have been steady as case numbers increase, which DeMaio says shows we do not need to be locked down again.