Election Integrity Initiative

Help Enact an Election Integrity/Voter ID Law – and Require Each County to “Audit the Vote” After Every Election

A record number of Californians have lost faith and confidence in how our state conducts its elections – and the reasons are well-documented! California’s fraud-prone election practices include outdated voter rolls, ballot harvesting schemes, refusal to verify citizenship status, non-existent signature reviews, etc.

That’s why Reform California and Carl DeMaio are leading a two-track campaign to restore election integrity in our state.

Track 1: Qualify and Pass the CA Election Integrity with Voter ID Initiative

Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio has authored a statewide constitutional amendment to restore election integrity by requiring 1) verification of voter ID for any ballot counted; 2) accurate maintenance of voter rolls; 3) proper verification of ballot signatures, and 4) audits of the election process to ensure full compliance with federal, state and local laws.

The challenge is this: to enact this law we must collect over 1 million signatures to place the CA Election Integrity with Voter ID Initiative on the ballot. That means we MUST recruit at least 20,000 volunteers statewide to commit to collecting enough signatures and we must raise $1-2 million to get the job done.

Track 2: Require Each County to “Audit the Vote” After Every Election

While we work to qualify and pass our statewide ballot initiative, Reform California is working to force individual counties in our state to pass an “Audit the Vote” ordinance to require post-election audits of their local election practices.

The “Audit the Vote” initiatives would require each county to evaluate the following: the rate of ineligible voter registrations in their county, whether signatures are being properly reviewed before ballots are counted, wait times at polling locations, etc.

During the Primary and General elections, Reform California will also recruit workers and poll monitors in each county to ensure the processing of ballots is done properly – and will be ready to investigate and litigate any failures to comply with election laws.

Until we can restore election integrity, we will never be able to achieve our long-term goal of taking back California from the far-Left. We need immediate support from all concerned Californians to get this done!

Read: Text of the Election Integrity Initiative

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