Stop the Tax Hikes

California politicians have a spending addiction – and no tax increase will ever be big enough to satisfy their habit.

California’s working families are already struggling with a high cost of living and state and local politicians are making it worse by constantly trying to raise taxes.

California already has the highest income tax, the highest sales tax, the highest gas tax, and some of the highest property taxes in the country.

Bottomline: There is absolutely no reason why we should raise taxes in California.  That’s why Reform California’s top priority is to defeat any tax increase that is proposed at the state or local level.

Current Tax Hikes We’re Fighting

  • A Wealth Tax – California would be the first state to impose a draconian tax on your assets, not just your income!
  • Property Tax / Repeal of Prop 13 – Partial or total repeal of Prop 13 from 1978 which protects homeowners against massive property tax hikes
  • A Tax on Moving Out of State – California would also be the first state to impose a tax on people who flee the state.
  • Income Tax – New and higher tax brackets for all income levels – it’s not just the so-called “rich” that will get hurt.
  • Gas, Car and Mileage Taxes – Gas and car taxes are automatically increased every year and now politicians want a tax charge for each mile you drive!
  • Sales Tax – Yet another increase in the state and local sales tax rates.

Our Campaign to Defeat Each Tax Hike

Reform California is leading the campaign to defeat both the statewide tax hikes as well as defeat local tax hikes — forming coalitions in each community, raising funds to wage aggressive campaigns, and developing the earned and paid media campaigns to inform voters.

By integrating our campaign efforts statewide we are able to maximize our effectiveness in reaching voters to defeat the tax hikes.  Among the elements of each campaign:

  • Expose Wasteful Spending: Politicians will claim they have no other choice but to raise taxes. Reform California dispels this falsehood by uncovering the wasteful spending these same politicians are engaging in.  You don’t need to raise taxes; all you need to do is reform the wasteful spending.
  • Target Individual Politicians: Reform California will apply pressure on politicians who are swing votes on tax hikes. We will remind them if they vote for a tax hike we will make it a decisive issue against them in their next election.
  • Lawsuits: Politicians will lie on the ballots sent to voters by hiding the words “tax increase” so voters do not know they are actually voting on a tax hike. Reform California is prepared to sue on any false and misleading ballot title.
  • Defeating Taxes at the Ballot Box: Reform California organizes the campaigns in opposition to tax hikes that make it to the ballot.