Flip Target Seats

Help us retain and flip our target seats across California – Congress, State Senate, State Assembly and key local races!

In 2020 and then again in 2022 absolutely nobody predicted we could win seats in California but we did it –and made history!  Because of our wins in California, the House Majority flipped! We also flipped school board seats in target districts.

In 2024, Reform California and Carl DeMaio are targeting 24 House, State Senate, and State Assembly seats across California where the 2022 election results show we either need to fight to defend the seat or we have a realistic shot at flipping the seat with more work.

A lot is riding on our campaign in these 24 target seats: control of Congress depends on us holding our ground in California and winning as many seats in the state legislature puts us in a position to end the Democrats’ Super-Majority in Sacramento!

That's not all. We’re also targeting a significant number of local seats in every county in the state – Board of Supervisors, City Council, school board, etc.

  • Candidate Recruitment and Training: In 2024 we will recruit, train, mentor and support quality candidates for every seat up for election. We will also work to narrow down the field so we don’t have good candidates splitting the vote!
  • Election Integrity Initiatives: In 2024 we will wage the our “Secure Your Vote” campaign statewide in California to help voters cast their ballots securely by using a tracking system to verify their vote was counted. We will also police local election office activities to ensure full compliance with federal and state election laws while also staffing a statewide Election Integrity Help Desk to log, investigate and resolve election integrity problems for individual voters.
  • Plain English Voter Guide: Our “Plain English Voter Guide” combats the grossly misleading and outright false titles politicians use on the ballot to try to fool voters into voting yes on their extreme policies and tax hikes. We need to deliver this voter guide to every home of a target voter and make it go viral on social media.
  • Ballot Harvesting – Done Right: While we do not like the practice of Ballot Harvesting, as long as it is being used by Democrats we must aggressively and legally compete for votes using this method. In addition to canvassing door-to-door and partnering with like-minded community groups and churches, we will host “Barbeque, Beer and Ballot” a number of events in each target district encourage our base to vote in a fun and secure way.
  • Direct Ads to Voters: We need to target undecided voters with a solid indictment against one-party rule in California (high cost-of-living, soaring crime, failing schools, etc.) We spend every penny of our campaign ad budget on direct voter contact to undecided voters – including the use of text messages, TV, online, mailers, etc.

3 Ways You Can Help!

  1. Contribute: Reform California can only wage this statewide campaign if individuals contribute to this fight! 100% of funds we raise stay right here in California! PLUS: We use our monthly fundraising reports to seek matching funds from additional donors to help in the fight here in California.
  2. Volunteer: We need volunteers to help with mailers, hold events, canvass door-to-door, make phone calls, send texts, and more! Volunteering is easy and can be done from home!
  3. Nominate: We need help recruiting good candidates for offices in your area – and we are constantly looking for high school and college students who are conservative who want to intern or get a paid campaign canvassing job. If you know of anyone who may be interested, send us their name and contact information today!

Complete List and Analysis of California Target Seats

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