School Board Reform

Join the Fight for Accountability and Transparency in Your School District

Parents and concerned citizens in school districts across California are forming coalitions to fight for reform in their school district! Reform California and Carl DeMaio are supporting them with resources and grassroots tools.

The goals of our School Board Reform Initiative are to elect new reform-minded school board members and work with existing reformers on school boards to:

1) insist that the school board respect the input of parents and operate in an open and transparent manner

2) protect our children from toxic and divisive curriculum (e.g. Critical Race Theory) that is being used to advance extreme political agendas

3) keep our children happy, healthy and safe, and

4) improve the quality of education in every school.

In order to achieve these goals, we must organize and unite our parents and community members in every single school district that has violated these principles!

Reform California and Carl DeMaio's campaign priorities this year are to recruit, train, mentor and support good candidates for school boards – and support our allies on school boards as they fight for real reform.


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