San Diego County Voter Guide

Statewide Ballot Measures

Prop 1 – Vote NO

Plain English Title: Raids Treatment Programs to Subsidize Government Welfare Housing

Politicians’ Ballot Title: Authorizes $6.38 Billion in Bonds to Build Mental Health Treatment Facilities; Provides Housing for the Homeless

California’s homelessness crisis will absolutely get worse if Prop 1 passes! Prop 1 raids and diverts funding from treatment programs that serve homeless people in favor of giving billions in subsidies to rich developers for expensive government-subsidized mega housing projects. The mega government housing projects that would be subsidized under Prop 1 have been criticized by numerous independent government auditors for being wasteful – costing as much as $1 million per unit! That is hardly “affordable housing!”

Prop 1 also eliminates your right to vote to reject government welfare housing projects from being placed in your neighborhood. We need to reject Prop 1 and tell politicians to use our precious funds for more efficient options like treatment and shelter beds for the homeless!

Local Ballot Measures

Measure A – City of San Diego Only (VOTE YES)

Authorizing the City Auditor and Audit Committee to Use Outside Legal Counsel Instead of Elected  City Attorney

The audit committee’s independence is vitally important to hold politicians accountable. If the audit committee believes that the city attorney is not providing impartial and appropriate legal support, they should have the option of using outside independent counsel.

Measure B – Mountain Empire Unified School District (VOTE NO)

A property tax increase! As enrollment declines in public schools in California, school districts need to consider more cost-effective alternatives.

Measure C – Rincon Ranch Community Services District (VOTE NO)

A property tax increase!

U.S. Congress Races

U.S. Senate

Steve Garvey

U.S. House of Representatives

District 48: Darrell Issa

District 49: Matt Gunderson

District 50: Peter Bono

District 51: Bill Wells

District 52: Definitely Not Juan Vargas

Statewide Candidate Races

Legislative Candidate Races


District 39: Bob Divine


District 74: Laurie Davies

District 75: Carl DeMaio

District 76: Kristie Bruce-lane

District 77: No Endorsement

District 78: YOU ARE DOOMED

District 79: YOU ARE DOOMED

District 80: Michael W. Williams

County Candidate Races

Superior Court Judge Office #41

Brian Erickson

Superior Court Judge Office #43

Valerie Summers

City Candidate Races


City Attorney

No Endorsement

City Council District 3

Daniel Rice-Vasquez

City Council District 4



San Diego Mayor


City Council District 3

Ellis T Jones

City Council District 4


City Council District 9


School Districts

San Diego Community College District D

Andrew Gomez

Escondido Union High Trustee Area 5

David Vincent

Special Districts

U.S. President

Republican Nomination

Donald J Trump

Democratic Nomination

You are Doomed

Republican Central Committee

5th Supervisorial District

  • Brett Wilkins
  • Matt Stockton
  • Jack Fernandes      
  • Laura Bassett
  • Corey Gustafson
  • Armen Kurdian
  • Alana Sorenson
  • Kori Jensen                  
  • Lee DeMeo                                                                                                                          

4th Supervisorial District                                                                                              

  • Laura Lothian
  • Matthew G. Phy
  • Amy Reichert
  • Kristine Alessio
  • Rebekah Winfree                                    
  • Edith “Edy” Johnson
  • Bill Exeter
  • Bob Divine
  • Andee Aceves                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

3rd Supervisorial District                                                                                              

  • Kris Sheffler      
  • Melanie Burkholder
  • Joseph Linares
  • Garvin Walsh
  • Judy Rees
  • Haydee Sperling
  • Patti Hopkins
  • Andrew Skale                        
  • Summer Boger                                                                                                                                                            

2nd Supervisorial District                                                                                            

  • Dan Bickford
  • Randy Berholtz
  • Kristie Bruce-Lane                        
  • Judy Simeroth                  
  • Anthony Balistreri                
  • Ben Good
  • Corbin Sabol                                  
  • Frank Hilliker                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

1st Supervisorial District                                                                                              

  • Brett Davis
  • Patty O'Mara
  • Cheryl Perez
  • Anna Renwick  
  • Rachel Perez  
  • Craig Candelore  
  • Shirley Nakawatase  
  • Erika Lowery
  • Paula Whitsell

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