Reform California believes that only eligible voters should vote — and every LEGAL vote should count.

California’s elections are filled with opportunities for fraud.  That’s by design as California’s voter registration laws and practices allow for registration of individuals who are not eligible to receive ballots and to potentially vote – and the state keeps individuals registered to vote long after they move out of a district or even the state.

When confronted with evidence of the weaknesses in California’s voting rules, state and local politicians have refused to examine the potential that illegal votes are cast in each election.

Step 1: Audit the Voter Rolls – County By County

Under state law, each county administers its own elections in accordance with federal, state, and local laws. Each county hires a Registrar of Voters who has the duty and power to examine the legality of individual voter registrations – and has the duty and power to maintain clean and accurate voter registration rolls.

It’s time to audit how good a job each individual county Registrar of Voters is doing.

Reform California has campaigns underway in twelve counties statewide where we have the best chance of convincing each county’s elected Board of Supervisors to order an independent audit of its voter rolls.

Each audit would examine conduct a random sample of voters and explore at least three issues for each voter registration examined:

  •  Eligibility of Registered Voters: is the voter eligible to vote – for instance, a legal U.S. citizen? Does the person reside in the district in which they are registered to vote?
  • Verification of Voter Submission:if the registration is associated with a ballot cast in the last election is from a registration with a high-risk profile, does the voter confirm that they indeed voted?
  • Problematic Registrations: is a person registered multiple times under different names? Are deceased people still on the rolls?

To get these audits underway, we need convince just a simple majority (3 members) of the Board of Supervisors to vote to initiate the audit. Help us pressure these local politicians to do the audit – or face the consequences in their next election – by signing and distributing the petition below.

Step 2: File Federal Voting Rights Lawsuits

Based on the results of audits in just a handful of California counties, the evidence will likely be overwhelming that major problems exist in how the state registers individuals to vote, verifies eligibility, and distributes ballots. This evidence will form the basis of a federal voting rights lawsuit whereby Reform California and our coalition partners will seek a federal court order to impose stronger internal controls and safeguards on the voting process.

Step 3: Reform California Voter Laws to Restore Integrity

California voter laws should be reformed to improve internal controls on voter registration management and ballot handling.

Specifically the practice of ballot harvesting should be prohibited and absentee ballots should be provided only to individuals who specifically request them each election.  All other ballots should be available only through Voting Centers in the month leading up to the election and Polling Stations on the day of the election.  In order to vote an individual’s signature should match on the Absentee Ballot OR if the individual is voting in person a valid government-issued identification should be required.