Reform California runs its own campaigns, but we also lend our expertise and resources to the campaigns of other reformers in a variety of ways.

Our goal is to advance reform – and to help others become more effective in advancing reform.

Investigative Research and Policy Development

Reform California uses the California Public Records Act and solicits whistleblowers to build the case against wasteful spending and inappropriate practices in state and local government. Reform California also partners with subject-matter experts in each policy area to develop better solutions to problems facing California.

Citizens Initiatives and Recall Resource Center

Reform California successfully has led a number of citizens initiatives and Recalls against politicians. Reform California stands ready to assist with the framing and execution of these efforts – how to plan them, file them, collect signatures to qualify them, and wage the campaigns to win them!

Data Analytics and Voter Profiling

Reform California regularly conducts public policy polls to where voters stand on key issues and possible reform proposals. In addition, our Voter Data Center goes beyond demographic data to include actual voter positions on key issues as collected through our online petition and door-to-door canvassing programs.

Emerging Leaders Academy

Want to get involved in politics? Whether it is as a volunteer, an intern, a staffer or a candidate – we want to recruit and mentor you! Reform California partners with several educational organizations to sponsor training classes in a variety of topics to prepare individuals to lead reform in a number of roles. Join the movement as an emerging leader!

Volunteer Deployments

With a database of over 20,000 volunteers statewide, Reform California is always looking for opportunities for our volunteers to make a difference on a good campaign in their area.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Reform California provides strategic planning facilitation services at no cost to campaigns we partner with to ensure they have a thorough and targeted plan to win their reform effort.


After a campaign is vetted and endorsed, Reform California can help with fundraising by introducing your campaign to our supporters statewide and by hosting events throughout the state.