Scripps Ranch Community Coffee with Carl DeMaio

Wednesday, August 14, 2024

6:00 pm

7:30 pm

Home of Kathy Hamlin – 9759 Caminito Calor, San Diego, CA, 92131

Carl DeMaio will be our new State Assemblymember and he wants to hear directly from you what issues you want him to address on your behalf when he takes office!

Join Carl DeMaio for coffee and a discussion on issues facing our community. Carl DeMaio won a landslide victory in the March 2024 Primary and is on track to being our new State Assemblymember starting in December.

Carl DeMaio wants to hear directly from you on what issues you are concerned about and want him to address when he takes office.

Carl DeMaio will also brief you on five key issues he’s already working on that are of particular importance to your area:

Save Prop 13/Block Tax Hikes: As Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio is leading the fight to pass the CA Taxpayer Protection Initiative to protect your Prop 13 property tax break and prevent new costly taxes like the Mileage Tax and the crazy utility tax that will charge you more for electricity if you “make too much money.”

Fighting Crime: Carl DeMaio is helping lead the “Make Crime Illegal Again” Ballot Initiative in the November election to give police and prosecutors back the tools they need to arrest and prosecute criminals.

Border Security: Carl DeMaio is fighting to repeal the dangerous Sanctuary State law and restrict welfare payouts to illegal immigrants.

School Reform: Carl DeMaio has recruited reform-minded candidates to win seats on our local school board to put the focus back on academic improvement rather than divisive political agendas.

The Insurance Crisis: Homeowners are losing their coverage and seeing premiums spike – and Carl DeMaio has authored an insurance rate reform plan to ensure your coverage is adequate and affordable.

What Additional Issues Do You Want Carl to Address? No topic is off limits – so come with your ideas and questions!


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