Fundraiser: Carl DeMaio for State Assembly 2024

Saturday, June 8, 2024

1:00 pm

2:30 pm

3591 Princeton Ave., San Diego CA, 92117 - RSVP Required

Will You Flee — or Will You FIGHT?

For Carl DeMaio, the choice is simple: stand and fight! Learn about his Reform California movement to take back our state from insanity and how you can help!

Millions of Californians are struggling as our state’s cost-of-living becomes unbearable, homelessness and crime skyrocket, small businesses and jobs are destroyed, and our schools continue to fail our children.

That’s why Carl DeMaio founded Reform California – a statewide movement of activists working together to hold our current politicians accountable for their failures and to offer solutions to fix California’s problems.

Since founding Reform California, DeMaio has defeated over $30 billion in costly and unfair tax hikes. Now Carl DeMaio is taking the next step by seeking a seat in the California State Legislature in 2024 and he needs YOUR HELP to do it!

Join Carl DeMaio for this special fundraising event to support his campaign for State Assembly and his entire Reform California movement. Let’s help Carl DeMaio and Reform California defeat tax hikes in November and elect an entire slate of reform-minded candidates statewide to shake up California politics!


Veronica Aguilar and Diane Cronk


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