Stop the Natural Gas Ban

California politicians want to ban natural gas appliances and impose a costly retrofit mandate on all homeowners. Join the campaign to stop this crazy proposal!

California homeowners already are being forced to pay the highest electric and water rates in the nation due to costly government mandates - but things are about to get a lot worse under a costly proposal to ban the use of all natural gas appliances in the state.  

California Democrats are proposing to ban the use of any home appliances that use clean natural gas - and that includes a ban on everything from water and home heaters to pool heaters and even gas stoves. In fact, under the Democrats’ plan natural gas would be eventually shut off completely in every home and building in the state.

The cost of this intrusive mandate is staggering: $26,000-$31,000 per homeowner – and that’s just on the low-end of the estimates.

The mandate has been proposed at the state level and awaits action on its adoption. However, local Democrat politicians are already moving the mandate forward at the local levels of government.

That’s why Carl DeMaio and Reform California are leading the statewide opposition to the costly new mandate.

“California homeowners are already struggling with sky-high cost-of-living and now Democrat politicians are shamefully trying to add to those burdens with an insane home retrofit mandate to eliminate all use of natural gas,” Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio laments.

Several local jurisdictions in California are already acting to adopt on the crazy mandate. In August 2022 the San Diego City Council adopted a law that eliminates any natural gas hookups in all new construction — in favor of full electric outfits. The plan establishes a deadline of 2035 to force homeowners to pay for costly retrofits to remove all their existing gas appliances. 65% of residential customers in San Diego Gas & Electric’s service territory currently have natural gas hookups.

“We need concerned homeowners to step up NOW before it is too late to help us stop these crazy new retrofit mandates,” DeMaio urged.

Reform California’s campaign to block these mandates includes alerting voters in target areas, recruiting and supporting candidates for office who oppose the retrofit mandates, threatening recalls against elected officials who support the mandates, and organizing ballot measure drives to stop any new mandates from taking effect.

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