Stop the Mileage Tax

Stop California Politicians from Imposing a New Mileage Tax.

“California’s greedy politicians have already imposed the highest GAS TAX and CAR TAX in the nation on drivers, and now they want to impose a new MILEAGE TAX to charge us PER MILE we drive to get more of our money!” warns Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

The California Mileage Tax proposal would require tracking every driver’s mileage and charging them four cents per mile they drive. That is the equivalent of an 80-cent-per-gallon hike in the gas tax!

The typical California driver will be forced to pay $600-800 a year in higher taxes just to drive on poorly maintained freeways they already paid for with the original gas and sales taxes! When you add the new MILEAGE TAX to the existing GAS TAX and CAR TAX, the typical two-car family will end up paying more than $3000 in taxes a year for just the privilege of driving in California – not including the cost of the car itself!

The Mileage Tax is also an invasion of our privacy – as it would include a tracking requirement that is still being determined by government bureaucrats. Proposed tracking methods include using transponders installed on every car to use of tracking Apps to be installed on cell phones of every driver to simply requiring individuals get their odometer readings inspected annually.

Join the Fight: Stop the Mileage Tax

Carl DeMaio and Reform California are leading the fight to BLOCK the California Mileage Tax.

Our first battle in blocking the tax statewide is to oppose the pilot phase of the Mileage Tax that is being conducted in San Diego County. Our goal is to generate a massive rebellion of taxpayers and drivers to punish any politician that backs the imposition of the Mileage Tax – even as a pilot project. If we create a public uproar during the pilot phase, California politicians will likely back down from imposing the tax statewide.

At the same time as we are fighting the pilot phase, we are organizing a grassroots rebellion statewide to oppose the Mileage Tax. We plan to make the Mileage Tax a key issue in every close race for local and state office in the upcoming election!

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