Keep Housing Decisions Local

Help Us Stop California State Politicians From Eliminating Local Input on Housing Projects

California homeowners across the state are upset that state politicians have passed multiple laws that strip cities and counties of being able to reject controversial government-subsidized housing projects in their area.

Several laws passed since 2019 give state welfare bureaucrats and developers the unchecked power to force cities and counties to approve these controversial projects, including:

  • Elimination of ALL Single-Family Zoning: SB-9 eliminates all single-family zoning in California and allows developers to take a single-family house and replace it with up to 4 homes!  SB-10 allows for up to 10 homes if the plot is within a certain distance of a “transit” stop.
  • The “Builders Remedy” Provision: this sweeping law allows a developer to bypass the local city council and grant themselves their own approval for their project
  • State Mandated Housing Goals: State law now allows for the state to sue a city to force it to approve projects even if local residents are adamantly opposed.
  • Elimination of Voter Approval on Welfare Housing Projects: A proposed March 2024 ballot initiative - SCA-2 - would make things even worse.  Currently Article XXXIV of the state constitution requires majority approval by the voters of a city or county for the development, construction, or acquisition of a publicly funded affordable housing project. SCA-2 would repeal Article XXXIV entirely – and eliminate your right to vote down controversial projects. READ: the full text of SCA-2

Reform California is leading the charge to defeat SCA-2 and repeal SB9 and SB10 and other laws and regulations that limit local control and input on housing projects.

“Maintaining local control allows cities and counties to support or not support projects that fit with the character of the community and maintain certain standards and quality of life,” says Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

“There’s no doubt that California needs to address the problem of housing costs – but most of the costs stem from costly and unnecessary state government regulations and nothing in SCA-2, SB9 or SB10 fixes that problem.

“Unfortunately, we are up against the California politicians and their government-subsidized housing developers will pour millions into trying to fool voters into approving SCA-2 and keeping SB9 and SB10.”

DeMaio urges individuals to join the campaign TODAY to defend local control on housing decisions by contributing and signing the petition for the Reform California campaign.

WATCH: CA Politicians Want to Eliminate Local Control on Housing
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