Expose Gavin Newsom

Help Expose Gavin Newsom’s Failures and Corruption

California Governor Gavin Newsom is being positioned as the consensus back-up candidate in case the national Democratic Party power barons decide to dump an ailing and increasingly unpopular and scandal-plagued Joe Biden.  

There are many reasons Americans should be very, very worried about Newsom becoming President.

But most Americans – and even most Californians – don’t know how truly corrupt Newsom is and why his policies have been a complete failure in California. That’s because Gavin Newsom has benefitted from California’s liberal media who refuse to hold him accountable for his failings and corruption.  

That's why Carl DeMaio and Reform California have launched a project to investigate and catalogue all of Newsom’s failings – and present them to the entire nation as a warning of what would happen to our country if Newsom’s failed policies ever were implemented nationally.

Your help is needed to expose Gavin Newsom’s failings and corruption before it’s too late! Join the fight today!

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