Stop the Mileage Tax Online Town Hall

June 29, 2023

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

ZOOM Online Town Hall

Join Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio for animportant virtual Town Hall to oppose the costly and unfair Mileage Tax beingproposed by California politicians – and to demand that those same politiciansreturn money they raided from our road repair funds! (RSVP required below)

What could be worse than the California politicians stealingour road improvement funds originally earmarked by voters for roads?  

Those same politicians now want even more of our money byproposing a new “MILEAGE TAX” to be imposed on all the drivers – along with amassive new Sales Tax hike at the same time!

California politicians are directing the regionaltransportation agencies to move forward with the process of imposing a MileageTax to track your mileage and charge you anywhere from 4 to 6 cents per mileyou drive – with the rate going up from there! This new Mileage Tax will cost the typical driver in California at leastan additional $600-900 per year!

And it gets worse. On top of the new Mileage Tax, localpoliticians are also supporting a massive SALES TAX increase as well! Fundingwill go to transit and bike lanes, but nothing to fix our roads.  

Carl DeMaio is leading the county-wide campaign to Blockthese crazy and costly tax hikes – and end the politicians’ raids on our roadrepair funds.  

Please join Carl DeMaio, other elected officials who areworking with us, and other concerned citizens to discuss how to win this fightto fix our roads and stop costly and unfair tax hikes!

RSVP Below!

If you cannot attend, but want to still register youropposition to the Mileage Tax, sign the petition here:


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