Despite California’s cost of living being unsustainable, Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to add yet ANOTHER tax — this time on your water. Between the gas tax, a car tax, and even a tax on text messages (which we killed), Gavin Newsom and weak Sacramento politicians like the ones below are coming right for your wallet…again.

We’re launching a massive campaign to make sure that these Water Tax Weaklings vote NO on the Water Tax.

Will you help fight back against these Water Tax Weaklings to make sure they say NO to Gavin Newsom’s outrageous Water Tax?

We’re launching 30-second ads, Facebook ads, text messaging and phone outreach, and storefront canvassing to reach more than 1.5 million voters across California. To succeed, all we need are 7 Assemblymembers and 3 Senators to say NO to the water tax!

We’ve already turned a few into NO votes, and we need to keep going!

Call California's Water Tax Weaklings and urge them to vote NO on the Water Tax!

State Assembly

Brian Maienschein (D)

(916) 319-2077

Tasha Horvath (D)

(916) 319-2076

Jacqui Irwin (D)

(916) 319-2044

James Ramos (D)

(916) 319-2040

Sabrina Cervantes (D)

(916) 319-2060

Christy Smith (D)

(916) 319-2038

State Senate

Richard Roth (D)

(916) 651-4031

Tom Umberg (D)

(916) 651-4034

Melissa Hurtado (D)

(916) 651-4014

Anna Caballero (D)

(916) 651-4012

Help Us Stop the Water Tax