URGENT – Saturday info

To: CRP Delegates
From: Carl DeMaio
August 5, 2021

I just got some very troubling information on how the insiders are trying to manipulate the voting process Saturday. Please read and take action on the two items below to secure your right to vote on Saturday!

FIRST ACTION ITEM: Register to attend the Convention ASAP!

The vast majority of CRP delegates have failed to RSVP for the endorsement convention! If you haven’t already registered and received your voting credentials, you ABSOLUTELY MUST make sure you do that in the next 36 hours online because it is too late to assign your proxy to someone else! 

If you are having trouble paying the $50 fee, let me know ASAP and we will help – this vote is THAT important you attend!

SECOND ACTION ITEM: Know the tricky rules and vote strategically. 

Our whip count shows the vast majority of delegates want to vote for NO ENDORSEMENT – but in a stunningly manipulative move, CRP staff have programmed the voting system so delegates won’t be allowed to vote for that option! That option only becomes possible at the very end of the voting process – but it will likely be too late if you don’t understand the voting rules in the preceding rounds.

For example, if you decide to not vote at all during a round, you will lower the threshold making it easier for the Sacramento Swampsters to anoint their weakling Kevin Faulconer as our endorsed candidate.

The only way you will even get the chance to vote NO ENDORSEMENT is if you vote in each round for a candidate other than Kevin Faulconer – whether you support that other candidate or not.   

Only if a candidate fails to get 60% will you finally be given the option to even vote for what most delegates want and what our grassroots activists expect: NO ENDORSEMENT.


I know this voting process is complicated and confusing – by design of the insiders because that is literally the only way they can cram this bad endorsement through.  If you have any questions at all, please call Jordan Gurnett at 661-309-5637 and he can walk you through the voting process.

If the Sacramento Swampsters cram through their disastrous endorsement of weakling RINO Kevin Faulconer, it will not only anger our base, but will kill enthusiasm for the Recall.


Carl DeMaio
Chairman – Reform California