“Revocar a Gavin Newsom”

“Revocar a Gavin Newsom”

Reform California Launches Latinos for the Recall Coalition

Reform California today announced the formation of a statewide “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition as part of its larger Yes on Recall campaign. The coalition will be supported by an aggressive digital ad campaign in the next eight weeks where Latino voters will be asked to add their name to pledge to support the Recall – as well as an aggressive ad campaign in the final four weeks of the campaign. The effort will also have a stand-alone website at www.LatinosfortheRecall.org

“As we analyze our path to victory for the Yes on Recall campaign it is clear that if Gavin Newsom loses any more of the Latino vote, he’s toast,” commented Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio.

DeMaio says his organization has encountered waves of Latino voters who are supporting the Recall and want to do more to get actively involved in the fight. Based on that significant interest, Reform California decided to form the “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition so the group can coordinate and work together to expand their ranks throughout the upcoming Recall campaign.

“Growing numbers of Latino voters are supporting the Recall of Gavin Newsom because they realize his policies have left them with less jobs, higher cost-of-living, and failing schools,” said El Cajon City Councilman Phil Ortiz who is serving as a co-Chairman of the “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition.

“Gavin Newsom has taken Latino votes for granted for too long and it is time for us to send a message that we expect politicians to deliver results on the issues that really matter to us like jobs, quality schools and safe neighborhoods,” added Delia Cervantes, another co-Chair of the “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition.

A recent poll conducting in April by John McLaughlin for the California Republican Party showed 49% of Latino voters are voting Yes and 39% No. Latino voters who took the survey in Spanish are voting Yes at 53%. Polling done by PPIC and Berkley IGS also show Newsom’s support among Latino voters is surprisingly soft.

DeMaio predicts the “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition that Reform California is building is likely going to extend far beyond the upcoming Recall Election itself. “Latinos in California are realizing that the Democrats’ policies have hurt them the most and I fully expect we will continue to grow our Latino coalition both during and after the Recall so we can mobilize these voters on a wide-range of key races in California,” DeMaio concluded.