Reform California Urges California Republican Party to Refrain from Endorsing Candidate in Recall

Reform California Urges California Republican Party to Refrain from Endorsing Candidate in Recall

Largest conservative grassroots organization in the state urges unity and focus on YES on Recall campaign 

Reform California, the largest conservative grassroots organization in the state, is calling on the California Republican Party to refrain from endorsing a replacement candidate in the upcoming Recall Election. Reform California is instead urging the CAGOP to focus its efforts exclusively on winning a majority vote on the YES on Recall question on the ballot.

To communicate its position Reform California is sending a letter to the more than 1400 CAGOP state party delegates. The letter is co-signed by John Cox, Caitlyn Jenner and Doug Ose. Read the letter here.

“We have said from the beginning that the YES on Recall effort benefits from having a large field of candidates each bringing their supporters to the polls to throw Gavin Newsom out of office,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

“The insiders at the California Republican Party will kill grassroots enthusiasm for the Recall if they go behind closed doors and try to anoint just one Replacement candidate – especially if that candidate is completely uninspiring and comes from the far-left like Kevin Faulconer,” argued DeMaio.

Both of the latest polls on the Recall Election show Larry Elder the clear favorite on the Replacement question. As has been chronicled in media reports, the preferred candidate of the CAGOP insiders and paid consultants in Sacramento is Kevin Faulconer – a left-wing candidate who has failed to generate much support in the polls and has been shunned by the activist base that has thus far powered the Recall.

DeMaio warns that a botched endorsement in the Recall can have far-reaching negative consequences on Republicans in California.

“If the California Republican Party damages this Recall just as the polls show we are in a dead heat, it will not only do immense damage to the state party, but it will have devastating negative impacts to incumbent office holders and candidates alike by demoralizing our grassroots base just as we go into the important 2022 midterm elections and have the House Majority on the line,” noted DeMaio. For more information visit