Reform California Demands Performance Audit of DMV

Reform California Demands Performance Audit of DMV

Leaders Across California to Demand Immediate Reforms & Independent Audit

Leaders statewide gathered at eight DMV offices across California in today to demand that state leaders stop raiding car tax funds collected by the DMV for non-transportation uses and to demand a truly independent audit of all DMV operations.

Specifically, these leaders highlighted these issues:

  • Governor’s DMV Audit Is Not Enough: While the egregious nature of DMV performance problems finally forced the Governor’s hand, the proposed audit does not go nearly far enough. The Yes on Prop 6 campaign’s Replacement Bill filed last week would institute a truly independent Performance and Efficiency Audit of DMV operations at least every 3 years – examining internal management problems, customer service performance standards, and cost efficiency of operations.
  • DMV Car Tax Funds Are Being Diverted: According to a recent analysis by the Legislative Analyst’s Office, the DMV is diverting millions in car tax and vehicle fees for non-transportation uses, including Vehicle Weight Fees ($1.1 Billion) and what the LAO cites as $89 million in miscellaneous vehicle revenues.
  • Gas Tax Funds Diverted to Cover DMV Operations: The FY18-19 state budget diverts $7.8 million of gas tax funds to cover DMV overhead costs.

“The DMV has shown incompetence and inability to do its basic functions and that’s why the Yes on Prop 6 Coalition has proposed a truly independent and far-reaching audit to fix the problems. By voting YES on Prop 6 – Gas Tax Repeal, voters can end the shell game that is going on at the DMV where our existing car tax revenues are being diverted to non-transportation purposes,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of the Yes on 6 Gas Tax Repeal campaign.