The problem: California politicians have manipulated the election laws and voting process to deprive citizens of fair, honest, and open elections.

Strategy 1: Restore the Constitutional Right to Citizen Initiatives

State politicians have essentially stripped citizens of the right to use ballot initiatives and recall elections to hold politicians accountable – resulting in a loss of precious Constitutional rights. We must remove the ability of politicians to change the ballot title of Citizen Initiatives. In addition, we must repeal recent laws that make it harder to recall politicians from office when they violate the trust of the constituents they serve.

Strategy 2: Improve the Integrity of Voting and Elections

The motor-voter laws and grossly negligent management of voter registration throughout California have resulted in individuals being registered to vote who do not legally have a right to vote.  In addition, special interest groups have hired paid canvassers to intimidate individuals into giving up their Absentee Ballots. We must audit all voter registrations to ensure only citizens and eligible voters receive ballots – and we must ensure that all ballots that are returned reflect the true votes of those individuals. Every legal vote must be counted!

Strategy 3: Citizen Redistricting Reforms

In 2010, Californians decided to hand the drawing of legislative districts over to a “Citizens’ Redistricting Commission.” While good in theory, in practice the Commission was manipulated by special interests into drawing districts that do not reflect logical communities of interest and have not complied with federal civil rights requirements.

Reform California will fight to ensure that no manipulation occurs in the redistricting process.