The Problem: California’s roads are crumbling and no additional lanes have been added in decades resulting in longer commutes for frustrated drivers.

According to the Pew Foundation, California has seen a massive 40% increase in the number of “Super Commuters” on our roads – defined as individuals who are forced to spend more than 90 minutes a day in commute.

Strategy 1: Citizen Road Repair Lock Box

California now has the highest gas tax in the nation, but most of the funds are not even spent on road projects. Instead the funding is diverted to bloated bureaucracies, salaries for bus drivers, and General Fund programs. We propose that 100% of all gas tax funds be exclusively spent on road projects and 100% of the sales tax on new and used cars be spent on regional transportation infrastructure.

Strategy 2: End the High-Speed Rail Boondoggle

California voters were lied to when they were asked to approve an initiative to authorize the launch of a High Speed Rail Project. Since that initial approval, the project has attracted no private financing and taxpayers are now on the hook for a budget that has mushroomed to five-times the initial cost – now expected to be more than $100 billion. Worse, the project will no longer even be “high speed.”

The High Speed Rail boondoggle should be cancelled and all funds transferred to road repairs.

Strategy 3: Fair and Open Competition on All Infrastructure Projects

State and local politicians are wasting our scarce infrastructure funds by cutting backroom deals with campaign contributors using discriminatory Project Labor Agreements. These backroom deals must be banned, and we must require fair and open competitive bidding on all taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects. The result will be better schools, roads, bridges, and public facilities at a lower cost.