OC Register: How a Grassroots Campaign Can Win the Recall

OC Register: How a Grassroots Campaign Can Win the Recall

Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio Issues Urgent Call for Volunteers in Op-Ed Running in 13 SCNG Papers

This weekend the Southern California News Group will run an op-ed from Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio regarding the California Recall Election. In the op-ed DeMaio argues that despite Gavin Newsom’s advantages, the YES on Recall campaign can still win if enough volunteers help get the word out in the next two weeks.

Read excerpts from DeMaio’s Op-Ed:

Why the Recall Election is So Close:

Recent polling shows the California recall election is a complete dead heat and there’s a good reason why: Gavin Newsom’s policies and performance have really been that bad and have hurt so many.

Gavin Newsom Has Several Advantages:

Yet despite his failed record and character flaws, Gavin Newsom and his special-interest backers have several significant advantages in their fight to cling to power.

First, Newsom’s campaign holds a mind-numbing 24-to-1 cash advantage in this election. Second, Newsom has the help of virtually all media outlets in our state giving him favorable coverage and helping cover up his failings.

How Kevin Faulconer Is Hurting the Recall:

This past week Kevin Faulconer — who has been in a freefall in the polls — joined Newsom in viciously and unfairly attacking Elder. Faulconer’s self-centered play only helps take attention away from Newsom’s failings, divides our team and undermines our chances to win the Yes vote.

Why Volunteers for the Recall Are Key:

Countless studies of voting behavior prove that personal contact is the most effective vehicle for persuading voters and turning out voters in an election. If a family member, friend, neighbor or colleague engages someone personally, it has an exponentially bigger impact than expensive TV ads and mailers on how they vote.

The only thing Gavin Newsom worries about is you! This is a real David vs. Goliath fight, but one that is completely winnable if good people get off the sidelines and get into the fight by volunteering today.

Read the full op-ed: https://www.ocregister.com/2021/08/27/how-a-grassroots-campaign-can-win-the-recall/

For more information visit www.YesonRecall.org