Reform California is Leading the Fight to Reopen California Lakes, Beaches, and Trails

Using Covid-19 as an excuse, local and state politicians have closed down and limited our access to California’s lakes, beaches, and trails. Partly to cut the budget and partly due to demands from extreme environmental groups, state politicians have always sought to limit our access to recreational areas on public lands, lakes and waterways. 

The public has a right to use and enjoy these public spaces for recreation – and our initiative fights to preserve those rights!

Benefits of Recreation

Setting aside the inherent rights citizens have to access and enjoy public lands and waters, there are numerous benefits to recreation.  First, recreation promotes healthy lifestyles. Second, recreation contributes to economic growth and generates substantial revenues for government and creates thousands of jobs.

A Plan to Taking Back Our Lakes, Beaches, and Trails

Reform California has devised a way to take back our lakes, beaches, and trails through a common-sense plan. Our plan does three simple things:

  • Demand that politicians reopen our lakes, beaches, and trails
  • Prevent future restrictions and closures for recreation at our lakes, beaches, and trails
  • Demand that revenues generated from lakes, beaches and trails be reinvested in protecting and maintaining these recreational assets for public enjoyment


The City of San Diego is considering a flawed budget proposal to close access to lakes in San Diego County even though these lakes generate revenues in excess of the cost of maintaining the lakes. 

Councilmember Jennifer Campbell
Phone:  619-236-6622
Email: [email protected]

Councilmember Monica Montgomery
Phone:  619-236-6644
Email:  [email protected]

Councilmember Vivian Moreno
Phone:  619-236-6688
Email:  [email protected]

Council President Georgette Gomez
Phone:  619-236-6699
Email:  [email protected]

Sign the petition to reopen our lakes, beaches , and trails and get the contact information of the four councilmembers we’re targeting.