NO on Prop 15:  California politicians have a spending addiction – and no tax increase will ever be big enough to satisfy their habit.

California’s working families are already struggling with a high cost of living and Prop 15 would increase our cost of living even more by imposing a massive $12-14 billion per year tax hike!  

That’s why we need you to join the campaign to vote NO on Prop 15 – the massive statewide property tax hike. 

Vote NO on Prop 15 to Stop Tax Hikes 

State politicians and their government employee union bosses have placed Prop 15 on the 2020 ballot to impose a massive $12-14 billion a year tax hike on working families in California.  

What’s worse, Prop 15 is just the first step the politicians are taking to repeal Prop 13 – the landmark taxpayer protection law from 1978 that saves homeowners and renters alike. Because we enjoy protections from Prop 13, homeowners save an average $13,700 a year and renters save $4,400 a year. Passage of Prop 15 will put all those savings at risk! 

Prop 15 Backers are Lying to Voters 

The politicians and backers behind Prop 15 have no shame and are now lying to voters in a number of ways, including: 

  • False Ballot Title: The politicians have put a false and misleading ballot title on Prop 15 that specifically does not disclose that the measure is a massive tax increase. The ballot title instead emphasizes it is “Funding for Schools and Community Services.”   
  • False Claim that You Won’t Pay: Backers of Prop 15 claim only the rich will pay for the massive Prop 15 tax hikes, when in fact the taxes are commonly passed through to small businesses and working families.  
  • Threats and Hostage-Taking: Backers of Prop 15 are threatening voters that they will close schools and hurt seniors with budget cuts if YOU don’t give them YOUR money by voting for Prop 15. These same politicians refuse to reform wasteful spending. Hostage-taking should never be rewarded with your support! 

“California’s cost of living is already too high and Prop 15 makes it worse by imposing a costly and unfair tax hike. Join me in voting NO on Prop 15 to stop the tax hikes in California!”

– Carl DeMaio
Reform California/No on Prop 15