California politicians have a spending addiction – and no tax increase will ever be big enough to satisfy their habit.

That’s why Reform California opposes all tax increases proposed by state and local politicians.

Defending Prop 13: Vote NO on “Split Roll”

State politicians and government employee union bosses have placed a “Split Roll” ballot measure on the 2020 ballot to gut Prop 13. Reform California is working with a broad coalition of taxpayer protection and government accountability organizations to defeat this measure.

Opposition to State and Local Tax Hikes

A number of other tax increases are pending in the State Legislature – tallying up to over $300 billion in state tax hike proposals this year alone! These tax increases must be opposed in the Legislature and defeated at the ballot box.

On local tax increases and property taxes for bonds, Reform California will work with regional partners to organize, fund, and assist in a vigorous opposition campaign to these measures.