Holding Criminals Accountable and Enforcing Law and Order

Are you tired of criminals being coddled by California politicians?  Want to support law enforcement by giving them the tools they need to keep our neighborhoods safe? 

Join Reform California in supporting a citizens initiative that has qualified for the November 2020 ballot: the California Criminal Sentencing and Parole Initiative.

Ways California Politicians Are Coddling the Criminals

Under Prop 47, many serious crimes were downgraded from felonies to misdemeanors.  By downgrading crimes to low-level status, law enforcement is no longer able to apprehend and punish these criminals – and the criminals know it!

Even if someone is convicted of a crime, Prop 57 increases the chances that criminals can be granted early parole and prisons release inmates of “nonviolent” crimes into society. The California Criminal Sentencing and Parole Initiative would define 51 crimes and sentence enhancements as violent crimes in order to prevent early release.

What the California Criminal Sentencing and Parole Initiative Does

The California Criminal Sentencing and Parole Initiative would reverse many of the major flaws in the California criminal justice system and allow law enforcement and the courts to charge criminals of certain crimes as felons, increase punishment for convicted felons including restricting early parole, change certain types of theft and fraud crimes as wobblers (chargeable as misdemeanors or felonies), and require DNA collection for certain misdemeanors.

Specifically this initiative would allow courts to change criminal charges in cases involving theft and fraud, including firearm theft, vehicle theft, and credit card fraud, as misdemeanors or felonies rather than misdemeanors as the laws currently are. The initiative would also create two additional types of crimes, serial crime and organized retail crime, that would both be charged as misdemeanors or felonies.

This initiative would also require a parole board to consider an inmate’s entire criminal history when considering release. A parole review board would consider additional factors, such as the felon’s age, marketable skills, attitude about the crime, and mental condition, as well as the circumstances of the crimes committed, before deciding whether to release a felon on parole.

Finally, this ballot initiative would require persons convicted of certain misdemeanors that were classified as wobblers or felonies before 2014, such shoplifting, grand theft, and drug possession, along with several other crimes, including domestic violence and prostitution with a minor, to submit to the collection of DNA samples for state and federal databases.

Law Enforcement Needs These Tools to Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe

One of the hardest jobs for our law enforcement is that they do not have the legal tools necessary to keep our cities safe.  The California Criminal Sentencing and Parole Initiative would give police the legal capability to combat rising crime and restore law and order.