Reform California has a number of campaigns currently underway. In addition to the campaigns below, we are always looking to assist reform-minded individuals and organizations with their campaigns.

Defending the Right to Citizen Initiatives

State politicians have found a number of ways to strip citizens the right to use ballot initiatives and recalls against politicians to hold their government accountable. In addition to challenging these new rules in court, Reform California seeks to overhaul how ballot titles for citizens initiatives are worded by removing politicians from the process entirely.

Government Union Dues Rebate Petition Drive

With the landmark Janus decision, state and local government employees now have the right to decline to pay dues to their unions. Reform California has partnered with the California Policy Center on a campaign to advise workers of their rights and assist them with processing requests for refunds and rebates of union dues unlawfully deducted from their paychecks. More:

Voter Verification Petition

The motor-voter laws and grossly negligent management of voter registration throughout California have resulted in individuals being registered to vote who do not legally have a right to vote. Reform California is working to get each County Board of Supervisors to conduct an independent audit all voter registrations to ensure only citizens and eligible voters receive ballots.

Gas Tax Repeal Initiative

Reform California is leading the campaign to repeal the costly and unfair gas and car tax hikes that are hurting working families. After the false ballot title deprived voters of a fair and honest election on this initiative, Reform California is not backing down – in fact, our fight has only just begun!

Pension Reform Initiative

Unsustainable government pension payouts are bankrupting California state and local government. That’s why Reform California is leading the California Pension Reform Initiative to switch all state and local government employees to 401(k) retirement accounts.