Town Hall on Rising Crime and Homelessness in North San Diego County

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

6:30 pm

8:00 pm

Park Avenue Community Center - 210 Park Ave, Escondido, CA 92025

Crime and homelessness are both spiking in North San Diego County – and concerned citizens are invited to a community Town Hall to understand why and what we can do to fix these problems.

Unfortunately, state politicians – and even many local politicians – are not only not responding to help combat rising crime and homelessness, but they are also actively promoting policies that waste money and make these problems much worse!

Politicians are even placing initiatives on the 2024 ballot to put homeless shelters with no rules or oversight in each neighborhood and eliminate your right to vote these projects down. These projects are associated with spikes in crime in the neighborhoods where they are placed.

Key Topics Covered at this Town Hall:

  • Local Crime Trends and Causes: Violent crime has spiked to a ten-year high. North San Diego County now has an annual violent crime rate of 3.65 per 1000 for murder, rape, assault, or armed robbery. 1 in 52 residents will be the victim of a property crime each year! This puts our region in the bottom fifth of communities for safety nationwide. Hear the latest on what types of crimes are happening in the community and why these crimes are on the rise.
  • Homelessness Trends and Causes: Once a problem for just downtown areas, North San Diego County has seen homelessness spike in the past 10 years – with camps popping up in canyons and street corners across our area. Hear the latest on why homelessness is spiking, why law enforcement has been prohibited from enforcing laws against homelessness and how politicians are trying to force government-subsidized homeless shelters in each neighborhood.
  • Mobilizing for Change: How we can fight back against state and local politicians who are implementing dangerous policies to benefit criminals, undermine law enforcement, and enable more homelessness. We’ll discuss several initiatives being placed on the upcoming election ballot.

It is time to take action as a community! We cannot sit idly by as crime and homelessness takes over our community and ruins our quality of life. We risk the situation getting too far out-of-control to stop it - or worse, we risk becoming victims ourselves.

Come with your comments, concerns, and questions – and bring your friends!


Forum Moderator: Carl DeMaio, Chairman, Reform California


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