Fallbrook Town Hall Meeting with Carl DeMaio: Tax Hikes, Utility Rates, and Insurance Coverage

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

6:30 pm

8:00 pm

Fallbrook Masonic lodge - 203 Rocky Crest Rd, Fallbrook, CA, 92028

Attend this Town Hall meeting for Fallbrook residents with Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio. Learn about the fight to stop costly tax hikes and utility rate spikes – as well as efforts to protect your home insurance coverage.

Californians already pay the highest taxes and utility rates in the country, but Reform California and Carl DeMaio are fighting to change that by defeating a number of costly and unfair new tax and utility rate hike proposals in the 2024 election.

Fallbrook residents are also concerned about losing their existing home insurance coverage. Insurance companies say they can no longer afford to do business in California due to spiking disaster claims — and some have stopped taking applications and have announced they are exiting the California insurance market completely. Reform California is working to enact fixes to this problem too.

Topics Covered of Concern to Fallbrook Residents:

  • The 7 top tax hikes we are fighting in California today – including the San Diego County Mileage Tax, County Sales Tax Hike, Savings Tax, Healthcare Tax, Exit Tax, and a range of property, income, and other special tax hikes.
  • Utility rate hikes that are crushing working families – and how we can roll back the rates by eliminating hidden state taxes and mandates.
  • Our campaign to pass the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative - a powerful ballot initiative that has qualified for a public vote in the November 2024 statewide election.
  • As home insurance companies drop customers and implement rate hikes, learn what you can do to reverse this disastrous trend!

If time permits you can raise other issues of concern as well – so bring a friend and your concerns to this important Town Hall meeting!

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Speaker: Reform California Chairman, Carl DeMaio


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