Virtual Town Hall: The NO on 15 Stop Tax Hikes Campaign

05 Aug 2020 | 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Join Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio for a virtual briefing on the No on Prop 15 campaign he is leading to stop a massive property tax hike placed on the November ballot by California’s out-of-touch politicians.

California’s working families are already struggling with a high cost-of-living and Prop 15 would increase our cost-of-living even more by imposing a massive $12-14 billion per year tax hike!

What’s worse, Prop 15 is just the first step the politicians are taking to repeal Prop 13 – the landmark taxpayer protection law Prop 13 from 1978 that saves homeowners and renters alike. Because we enjoy protections from Prop 13, homeowners save an average $13,700 a year and renters save $4,400 a year. Passage of Prop 15 will put all those savings at risk!

Carl DeMaio will outline how you can help the No on Prop 15 campaign win this November.  RSVP today and bring as many friends as you can!

“California’s cost-of-living is already too high and Prop 15 makes it worse by imposing a costly and unfair tax hike.  Join me in voting NO on Prop 15 to the tax hikes in California!”
– Carl DeMaio
Reform California/No on Prop 15

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