San Diego Reform Summit

San Diego
06 Jun 2020 | 08:30 AM - 02:00 PM

San Diego Reform Summit

Calling all conservatives and concerned Californians – It’s time to FIGHT to TAKE BACK OUR STATE!

You are invited to a special “SUMMIT” with other like-minded citizens and activists in San Diego on June 6, 2019 from 8:30am-2:00pm.

We used to be so proud to live in California…but now it feels like we live in a totally different place.  Sadly our state is currently in the grip of a Democrat Super-Majority that has enacted an extreme agenda that has made our cost-of-living unsustainable, infringed on our Constitutional freedoms, and put the welfare of criminals over that of law-abiding citizens.

Why do we need a summit?

The few Republican elected officials we have left in California either lack the willingness or the smarts to fight back. We cannot wait for elected officials to lead us – we must work together and create a grassroots movement to advance reform locally and statewide!

The genesis of this summit is simple: If we step up our game and provide better leadership, we can change the course of California.

Here’s the agenda for the Summit:

  • Strategy Presentation: A 5-Point Strategy to Take Back California
  • Coordination Discussion:
    • What are organizations and groups currently doing in our region?
    • How can we coordinate our efforts and work together as a more cohesive coalition?
  • Action Agenda:
    • What 1-2 issues are the most important issues for us to focus on in the 2020 election cycle to win over independent voters and motivate Republican voters?
    • What are the 2-3 candidate races we should prioritize in our region?

Fortunately we aren’t starting from scratch!  Reform California has already built a grassroots movement to advance reform that has produced big wins for taxpayers – e.g. ending the politicians’ gold-plated pensions, Recalling Sen. Josh Newman from office for voting for the car tax, and successfully blocking over $2 billion in tax hikes since we launched Reform California!

Even when our opponents score ill-gotten wins (e.g. slapping a misleading ballot title on the Gas Tax Repeal), we have never given up the fight.  We learn, we regroup, and come back stronger!

That’s what this strategy summit is all about.  PLEASE JOIN US – and bring a friend!

The Super-Majority Democrat machine is banking on people like you and me giving up hope or sitting on the sidelines. Let’s show them we are ready to fight!!!