Briefing: Reform California’s Strategic Plan for the 2022 Elections

Briefing: Reform California’s Strategic Plan for the 2022 Elections

On Thursday, January 20, Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio held a virtual Town Hall Briefing to release an ambitious strategic plan for our statewide campaigns in 2022 to flip seats and defeat tax hikes in California.

The plan includes a variety of projects and tactics under four top strategies:

1) Driving the narrative on issues we win on 

2) election integrity efforts 

3) recruiting quality candidates 

4) ballot harvesting and turning out the vote.

Watch the briefing below and then join the fight!

Our plan is ambitious, but we can’t wage this fight without YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT.

Can you please contribute anything TODAY to the Reform California campaign for 2022?

Contribute Securely: Fight to Win Seats & Defeat Tax Hikes in California in 2022

Contribute Securely: Fight to Win Seats & Defeat Tax Hikes in California in 2022

Republican Laura Lothian Wins Special Election

Republican Laura Lothian Wins Special Election

Opposition to Mileage Tax Proposal Propels Republicans to Big Win in City Council Election in Democratic Stronghold of La Mesa.

Reform California has been warning San Diego politicians that backing the controversial Mileage Tax proposal will backfire on them politically – and now an upset win in a Special Election in La Mesa provides proof of that.

In a Special Election to fill a vacancy on the City Council in the heavily Democratic City of La Mesa, Republican Laura Lothian has scored a solid win tonight.

“Laura Lothian made her opposition to the costly Mileage Tax the centerpiece of her entire campaign and the voters took note and handed her a huge victory,” notes Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

Reform California is leading the campaign opposing the Mileage Tax proposal being advanced by SANDAG and county Democrats.  Reform California and DeMaio endorsed Lothian and made her election a priority because of her opposition to the Mileage Tax.

Lothian’s win could spell trouble for SANDAG’s plans as her vote will create a majority on the City Council opposed to the Mileage Tax.

“We’re only just getting started and I hope the results of this election serve as a clear warning to all politicians who dare support a Mileage Tax that their political careers are at risk and we’re coming for them in the next election over this outrageous proposal,” promised DeMaio.

Attached is a copy of the Lothian Campaign Mailers on Mileage Tax 

VIDEO: Recall  Gavin Newsom Volunteer Briefing

VIDEO: Recall Gavin Newsom Volunteer Briefing

Here’s what we cover: Learn how you can be a volunteer in your area • Acquire the best talking points to make the case to Recall Gavin Newsom • Hear about the fight to restore election integrity in California • Newsom’s not the only one who needs to go! Learn what other target seats we can flip! • Connect and have fun with other freedom-loving Californians who are fighting to TAKE BACK OUR STATE!

URGENT – Saturday info

To: CRP Delegates
From: Carl DeMaio
August 5, 2021

I just got some very troubling information on how the insiders are trying to manipulate the voting process Saturday. Please read and take action on the two items below to secure your right to vote on Saturday!

FIRST ACTION ITEM: Register to attend the Convention ASAP!

The vast majority of CRP delegates have failed to RSVP for the endorsement convention! If you haven’t already registered and received your voting credentials, you ABSOLUTELY MUST make sure you do that in the next 36 hours online because it is too late to assign your proxy to someone else! 

If you are having trouble paying the $50 fee, let me know ASAP and we will help – this vote is THAT important you attend!

SECOND ACTION ITEM: Know the tricky rules and vote strategically. 

Our whip count shows the vast majority of delegates want to vote for NO ENDORSEMENT – but in a stunningly manipulative move, CRP staff have programmed the voting system so delegates won’t be allowed to vote for that option! That option only becomes possible at the very end of the voting process – but it will likely be too late if you don’t understand the voting rules in the preceding rounds.

For example, if you decide to not vote at all during a round, you will lower the threshold making it easier for the Sacramento Swampsters to anoint their weakling Kevin Faulconer as our endorsed candidate.

The only way you will even get the chance to vote NO ENDORSEMENT is if you vote in each round for a candidate other than Kevin Faulconer – whether you support that other candidate or not.   

Only if a candidate fails to get 60% will you finally be given the option to even vote for what most delegates want and what our grassroots activists expect: NO ENDORSEMENT.


I know this voting process is complicated and confusing – by design of the insiders because that is literally the only way they can cram this bad endorsement through.  If you have any questions at all, please call Jordan Gurnett at 661-309-5637 and he can walk you through the voting process.

If the Sacramento Swampsters cram through their disastrous endorsement of weakling RINO Kevin Faulconer, it will not only anger our base, but will kill enthusiasm for the Recall.


Carl DeMaio
Chairman – Reform California

“Revocar a Gavin Newsom”

“Revocar a Gavin Newsom”

Reform California Launches Latinos for the Recall Coalition

Reform California today announced the formation of a statewide “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition as part of its larger Yes on Recall campaign. The coalition will be supported by an aggressive digital ad campaign in the next eight weeks where Latino voters will be asked to add their name to pledge to support the Recall – as well as an aggressive ad campaign in the final four weeks of the campaign. The effort will also have a stand-alone website at

“As we analyze our path to victory for the Yes on Recall campaign it is clear that if Gavin Newsom loses any more of the Latino vote, he’s toast,” commented Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio.

DeMaio says his organization has encountered waves of Latino voters who are supporting the Recall and want to do more to get actively involved in the fight. Based on that significant interest, Reform California decided to form the “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition so the group can coordinate and work together to expand their ranks throughout the upcoming Recall campaign.

“Growing numbers of Latino voters are supporting the Recall of Gavin Newsom because they realize his policies have left them with less jobs, higher cost-of-living, and failing schools,” said El Cajon City Councilman Phil Ortiz who is serving as a co-Chairman of the “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition.

“Gavin Newsom has taken Latino votes for granted for too long and it is time for us to send a message that we expect politicians to deliver results on the issues that really matter to us like jobs, quality schools and safe neighborhoods,” added Delia Cervantes, another co-Chair of the “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition.

A recent poll conducting in April by John McLaughlin for the California Republican Party showed 49% of Latino voters are voting Yes and 39% No. Latino voters who took the survey in Spanish are voting Yes at 53%. Polling done by PPIC and Berkley IGS also show Newsom’s support among Latino voters is surprisingly soft.

DeMaio predicts the “Latinos for the Recall” Coalition that Reform California is building is likely going to extend far beyond the upcoming Recall Election itself. “Latinos in California are realizing that the Democrats’ policies have hurt them the most and I fully expect we will continue to grow our Latino coalition both during and after the Recall so we can mobilize these voters on a wide-range of key races in California,” DeMaio concluded.

Watch: Town Hall with Carl DeMaio on Reform California’s 2021 Strategic Initiatives

Watch: Town Hall with Carl DeMaio on Reform California’s 2021 Strategic Initiatives

Reform California scored many wins in the 2020 election (defeating tax hikes like Prop 15 and local tax hike/bond measures as well as flipping several legislative seats). Our 2021 plans build on those successes!

Among the initiatives discussed in this virtual Town Hall:

• Election Integrity Initiative: Making sure we stop fraudulent practices that weaken the security of our electoral process.
• Defeat Gavin Newsom: Update on the Recall signature drive and our comprehensive efforts to build the case for stopping Gavin Newsom’s extreme agenda and electing a new common-sense Governor ASAP
• Blocking Tax Hikes: As state and local politicians look to fill budget holes, Reform California has prepared a rapid response program to stop any tax hike proposals.
• Electing Reform Leaders: Redistricting is underway statewide and we must ensure fair and reasonable districts are drawn – and we must recruit, train and support solid candidates for office in 2021 and 2022

Carl DeMaio’s 2020 Election Recap and Preview of 2022

Carl DeMaio’s 2020 Election Recap and Preview of 2022

Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio recently hosted a virtual briefing to provide a recap on the 2020 Elections in California and preview some exciting plans for preparing for success in the 2022 elections.

In 2020 California voters and reformers scored some major hard fought victories this year. We defeated Prop 15 the massive tax hike, stopped multiple local tax measures across the state, and we prevented other tax increases from hitting the ballot.

To build on their 2020 success, Carl DeMaio and Reform California unveiled several new initiatives for 2022 to keep the momentum. Reform California will play a major roll in redistricting, expand its grassroots organizing, and grow its footprint with a new Action Resource Center. 2021 will be a crucial year for California, and the grassroots Army Carl DeMaio has built is ready to take on the fights.

Watch the briefing in full below:

Carl DeMaio’s California Election Guide 2020

Carl DeMaio’s California Election Guide 2020

The 2020 California General Election ballot is REALLY long and confusing – and over 240 tax hikes have been placed on the ballot this cycle. 

Worse, politicians have even deceptively worded several ballot measures to hide the tax hikes and other bad policies!

Fortunately, Carl DeMaio reviews all ballot measures and candidates and produces a “Plain English” voter guide to help voters by revealing

which ballot measures contain tax hikes and suggesting some great candidates that are worthy of support.

Please review the voter guide for yourself – and then share it with your friends by emailing/posting this simple link:


Carl DeMaio Returns as Chairman of Reform California

Carl DeMaio Returns as Chairman of Reform California

With only a handful of votes left to be counted, our campaign has fallen short of making the runoff in the race for Congress.

While I am disappointed, I am filled with two other emotions: gratitude for supporters like you and pride in the incredible campaign we ran.

In this race we had to take on both the Democrat machine, the Republican establishment and an opponent who gave himself $3 million. Despite the odds, we broke records for grassroots support with over 34,000 contributors giving an average of $64 each, over 2800 volunteers and 100 college students canvassing for votes, and over 72 Town Hall events packed to capacity.

I want you to know: our fight is far from over.

This campaign has never been about just winning a Congressional seat, but sparking a rebellion of Forgotten Californians to fight to take back our state from socialism.

That work must continue – and here’s what I intend to do next:

  1. Reform California: Starting tomorrow I will resume my role as Chairman of Reform California! Our top priority is to Save Prop 13 and stop the property tax hike on the November ballot. We will also fight the local tax hikes the politicians are cooking up.
  2. Returning to Radio: Within the next few days I will be resuming my weekday radio show so we can continue to use the power of the bully pulpit to inform and engage voters in our fight. Stay tuned for our start date!
  3. Uniting the Team to Win: We must unite behind the best candidates in the best target seats to win in November – including David Valadao, Young Kim, Darrell Issa, Michele Steele, etc. I have pledged to use the entire grassroots political operation we have built to help those candidates.

I am 110% committed to continuing our fight to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA and hope you are as well.

In the coming days I will share more details of how we will deploy our political operation as we pivot to the November election and hope you will be willing to continue to be involved in the fight.

In appreciation,
Carl DeMaio

Prop 13 is under attack: what ‘Split Roll’ actually means

Prop 13 is under attack: what ‘Split Roll’ actually means

Voter beware — the Sacramento politicians are at it again! Last election cycle, the politicians deceived voters at the ballot box and drastically raised our gas and car taxes. This time around, they want to raise the price of everything you purchase – all while decimating jobs across the state. This could be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back and destroys the middle class and the California Dream as we know it. The upside: we can stop it, if we stand together.

In 1978, Californians overwhelmingly passed the “People’s Initiative to Limit Property Taxation,” or as it’s more commonly known, Proposition 13. This limited property tax to one percent of the full cash value. More importantly, it also limited property tax increases to no more than two percent each year. In a high-tax state like California, this measure has been a major success for businesses AND residents. Prop 13 has provided much needed stability in terms of state revenue while also protecting citizens and their businesses from constant tax increases at the whim of out-of-control politicians.

Now, Prop 13 is under attack! Politicians have placed a ballot measure on the November 2020 ballot to massively raise commercial and industrial properties. Worse, the politicians have shamelessly disguised the measure as a way to give more money to schools – which already receive over $60 billion in the California state budget. That is almost one-third of the entire state budget.

This attack – called Split Roll – would take Prop 13 protections AWAY from commercial and industrial properties. While you may breathe a sigh of relief at the fact that the property tax rate on your home won’t change, it’s not safe: Sacramento will be all too eager to raise YOUR property taxes during the next election cycle if this passes.

If Split Roll passes – effectively raising commercial and property taxes – the impact will be felt by working families all over the state. The current booming economy and historically low unemployment rate will reverse almost overnight as employers will be forced to layoff employees or worse – close their doors permanently.

Let’s take a simple example of the devastating impact that Split Roll would have on a small business. Joe and Jane Smith bought a commercial space for their business in 1980. They do a moderate amount of business each year and have three employees. Their property taxes were originally $10,000 per year based on their purchase price of the space, and because of Prop. 13’s protections, their property taxes are now $17,880 per year in 2019.

Now, imagine the Split Roll measure passes in 2020: the Smiths’ commercial property taxes will now be evaluated at “fair market value.” The surrounding neighborhood has grown tremendously, and property values have increased significantly over the past few decades and are hit with a massive, new property tax bill of $65,000 per year.

Now their small business suddenly must choose between keeping the doors open or keeping several dedicated employees. While it may be a simple example, it is a very real scenario facing millions of Californians. And even if the Smiths’ business can withstand a $47,000 increase in taxes, they’ll likely have no choice but to raise their prices – ultimately hurting consumers!

How can we stop it? Don’t sign the petitions you’ve probably seen at your local grocery stores and shopping malls – they have the audacity to tell you that they are “saving Prop 13” when the end result is that it destroys Prop 13. They need to collect over one million signatures and will pull all sorts of tricks in order to do so.

We also must spread the word –– help explain to your family and friends about this horrible ballot measure and make sure they aren’t fooled into signing the petition. Remember, voters across the political spectrum support and rely on the current protections in Prop. 13.

Finally, help Reform California build the coalition to fight back: be a part of our effort and get your local community involved. We’re also raising the funds to mount a strong opposition campaign to this dangerous ballot measure.

Together we can make sure that voters are informed and educated about yet another deceptive ballot measure designed to drain the wallets of hardworking families across California. Sacramento politicians can be beat, but only through the collective, grassroots efforts of citizens standing up and saying enough is enough! This state has driven out millions of residents due to high taxes already — and we cannot allow another tax increase to drive out all of our jobs and businesses, too.

Dave McCulloch is the President of Reform California.