Carl DeMaio’s California Election Guide 2020

Carl DeMaio’s California Election Guide 2020

The 2020 California General Election ballot is REALLY long and confusing – and over 240 tax hikes have been placed on the ballot this cycle. 

Worse, politicians have even deceptively worded several ballot measures to hide the tax hikes and other bad policies!

Fortunately, Carl DeMaio reviews all ballot measures and candidates and produces a “Plain English” voter guide to help voters by revealing

which ballot measures contain tax hikes and suggesting some great candidates that are worthy of support.

Please review the voter guide for yourself – and then share it with your friends by emailing/posting this simple link:


California Supreme Court Ruling on Pension Reform Falls Short

Today the California Supreme Court issued a ruling that upholds the modest PEPRA pension reform law enacted by former Governor Jerry Brown.  While the ruling may seem like a win for taxpayers, Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio, who also authored San Diego’s 2012 landmark pension reform initiative, says the ruling is quite narrow and provides little legal relief for taxpayers.

DeMaio issued the following statement in response to the ruling:

“By crafting a narrow ruling that sidesteps the fundamental flaws with the notorious California Rule, the California Supreme Court seems hell bent on forcing California taxpayers to bear the excessive costs of unsustainable pension payouts for state and local government employees.  Because the California Rule remains untouched in this decision, taxpayers will continue to face legal hurdles that could prevent them from modifying or reforming excessive and unsustainable government pension payouts.  The result will be higher taxes, less services, and potential insolvency in California’s cash-strapped state and local government pension systems.”

With today’s ruling the California Supreme Court has upheld PEPRA reforms such as banning the addition of unused sick time, bonus pays and some specialty pay to pension calculations – all common tools used by government workers to spike pensions.

A full copy of the ruling can be accessed here:

AB5: Now is the Time to Help, Not Hurt Small Businesses in California

By Carl DeMaio

If Governor Gavin Newsom and California Democrats really wanted to help struggling small businesses and millions of unemployed California workers they would immediately suspend or repeal a variety of damaging and costly taxes, mandates and regulations that have been choking the California economy for years.   

At the top of the list of relief should be the repeal of AB5.

Last year Governor Newsom and the Democrats passed AB5 into law to ban the use of independent contractors in California and impose stiff penalties on small businesses for hiring independent contractors. AB5 is an outrageous attempt to deprive Californians of the freedom to work, destroy the once-booming gig economy, and boost government tax revenues by forcing independent contractors and their clients to pay higher employment taxes. 

Even before the Coronavirus, AB5 had devastated hundreds of thousands of workers already – and now AB5 is one of the biggest obstacles for unemployed Californians seeking what little work is available.

Gov. Newsom has the power to suspend AB5 completely so small businesses and independent contractors can find work during these challenging times. I want to commend Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for leading the fight to ask the Governor to do this, but Newsom has refused to do it.

What’s worse, Gov. Newsom is weaponizing the Coronavirus federal bailout program to enforce AB5 and punish small businesses and independent contractors.

President Trump wisely included independent contractors in the unemployment insurance provisions of the federal Coronavirus bailout program since many have lost their clients during the shutdown.

Unfortunately, Gov. Newsom has instructed the state’s Unemployment Insurance Program to use the federal bailout funds to collect data and evidence from independent contractors when they seek the unemployment benefits to build enforcement cases against small businesses that used independent contractors after January 1, when AB5 went into effect. 

I have heard from many independent contractors who fear if they apply for federal unemployment benefits, they will get their small business clients in trouble under AB5. 

Punishing struggling small businesses and independent contractors is NOT what we need during this economic crisis. 

If California politicians are serious about helping ease the economic impact of Coronavirus they need to start by repealing or suspending AB5.

Concerned taxpayers who agree that California politicians should suspend or repeal AB 5 can help send a message today by signing this petition:

Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California.

DeMaio Reaction to US Supreme Court Case on Pension Reform

DeMaio Reaction to US Supreme Court Case on Pension Reform

Today the US Supreme Court opted to not hear a case filed by the City of San Diego regarding First Amendment rights of former Mayor Jerry Sanders to support Prop B in 2012 – the San Diego Pension Reform Initiative. In light of the decision, Prop B author Carl DeMaio issues the following statement:
“The Supreme Court accepts only 100-150 cases of over 7000 it receives each year, so while we are disappointed, we are not too surprised that the US Supreme Court did not weigh in. Prop B Pension Reform is a Citizens Initiative that is protected under the California Constitution and we continue to assert all of the legal remedies afforded to prevent it from being illegally overturned.”
Reform California Blasts State Attorney General Over Another False Ballot Title on a Citizen Initiative

Reform California Blasts State Attorney General Over Another False Ballot Title on a Citizen Initiative

Pattern Emerges of Grossly Misleading Titles Being Placed on Ballot Measures Opposed by State Politicians

In 1911 California voters secured a Constitutional Right to use “Citizen Initiatives” to place items on the ballot to impose reform on their politicians. Today the state politicians have found a way to strip citizens of that precious right through pure deception. Read More