Campaign to Kickoff in San Diego to Help Government Employees Get Rebates on Their Union Dues, Cutting Off Campaign Cash from Politicians

Campaign to Kickoff in San Diego to Help Government Employees Get Rebates on Their Union Dues, Cutting Off Campaign Cash from Politicians

Typical Employee Who Terminates Union Dues Will Save $800 Per Year – and Massive Levels of Termination Will Transform California Politics

A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling (the Janus Decision) has given government employees the right to terminate their membership in government unions and prohibit unions from taking money out of their paychecks. Unfortunately, many government employees are unaware of their rights. Even worse, many union bosses are illegally denying requests from workers who want to discontinue their union dues and keep their money.

“We have heard from hundreds of government employees in San Diego county that want out of their union and want to keep their money, but the union bosses have illegally denied them their rights. That is completely unacceptable and illegal – and this campaign will give government employees the information, the vehicle and the legal support to fight back and keep their money,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman, Reform California

The average government employee could save an average of $800 a year – with some saving as much as $1400 a year.

More importantly, if a sizable chunk of union members discontinue paying dues, California politicians will take a big hit in their campaign coffers as government unions will have less money to spend on campaign contributions to candidates who support higher taxes and bigger government.

“Government employees could use extra take-home pay, but the government unions have forced them to pay dues every month and have given them little value in return,” said Mark Bucher, Chief Executive Officer of the California Policy Center

A bold pilot campaign is being launched in San Diego county by Reform California in partnership with California Policy Center. The campaign has three components:

  1. Outreach and Canvassing at Government Agencies: Using emails, advertisements, and tabling in front of government agencies, the campaign will advise state and local government employees that they have a right to terminate paying union dues.
  2. A Simple Rebate Form: The campaign has worked with attorneys to devise a simple “Rebate Form” that any state or local government employee can sign to exercise their rights to leave the union. That form is online at
  3. Pro-bono Legal Representation: The campaign is supported by pro-bono attorneys who are prepared to help individuals and classes of workers protect and assert their rights to terminate paying union dues.

The campaign is being piloted in San Diego County over the next two months – and if successful – will be expanded statewide.