Carl DeMaio Challenges Lorena Gonzalez on AB 5 to “Just Say the Words”

Carl DeMaio Challenges Lorena Gonzalez on AB 5 to “Just Say the Words”

Lorena Gonzalez Can’t Say These 10 Words:“AB 5 Doesn’t Apply to Parents Hiring Tutors and Teachers” 

Will parents face stiff fines and penalties under a new law called AB-5 if they hire tutors during the Covid-19 shutdown of schools? Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, the author of the controversial law, won’t say.  

Today Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California, challenged Gonzalez to put the question to bed by tweeting a simple statement “AB 5 Does Not Apply to Parents Hiring Tutors and Teachers.” 

“It’s time for Lorena Gonzalez to put up or shut up by saying the magic 10 words every parent in California is looking for – namely ‘AB 5 Does Not Apply to Parents Hiring Tutors and Teachers,’” DeMaio declared. “She knows she cannot make that statement because she knows parents must comply with AB 5,” DeMaio noted. 

In a press conference last week, a coalition of parents, teachers, and education advocates led by DeMaio and Reform California issued an alert warning that parents could face stiff fines and penalties if they hire tutors and failed to comply with the complex mandates in AB 5.  

DeMaio pointed to guidance issued by the California State Employment Development Department (EDD) that outlined how parents hiring tutors is in fact covered under the AB 5 law and parents must comply with the law’s restrictions.  

When initially pressed on this issue, Gonzalez tweeted a denial, but has since mysteriously deleted the tweets. (See screenshot). When further pressed, Gonzalez simply said parents could hire tutors if they complied with state and local law, but stopped short of answering the question at hand – i.e. whether parents have to comply with AB 5 restrictions or face penalties. 

“Parents and students across California deserve a straight answer from Lorena Gonzalez, not vague statements and deleted tweets,” DeMaio concluded. 

AB 5 was so poorly written that Gonzalez has been forced by her colleagues in Sacramento to introduce bills granting a number of exemptions to the law to favored job categories – but tutors and teachers have not received an exemption in any corrective bills. 

Concerned parents and voters can join the effort to suspend AB 5’s enforcement on tutor and teacher hiring by signing the petition at

Carl DeMaio Holds Town Hall On Risks Facing Small Businesses from AB5 & PAGA

Carl DeMaio Holds Town Hall On Risks Facing Small Businesses from AB5 & PAGA

Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio held a town hall with the California Business and Industrial Alliance where they warning Californians about costly new mandates stemming from AB5 and PAGA that are being implemented by Sacramento politicians.

The negative impacts of Covid 19 and new enforcement actions on AB5 and PAGA are destroying jobs. Lost wages may never be recovered and businesses may not come back from this. The Town Hall will equip you with the facts you need to know to keep your business safe!

AB5: Now is the Time to Help, Not Hurt Small Businesses in California

AB5: Now is the Time to Help, Not Hurt Small Businesses in California

By Carl DeMaio

If Governor Gavin Newsom and California Democrats really wanted to help struggling small businesses and millions of unemployed California workers they would immediately suspend or repeal a variety of damaging and costly taxes, mandates and regulations that have been choking the California economy for years.   

At the top of the list of relief should be the repeal of AB5.

Last year Governor Newsom and the Democrats passed AB5 into law to ban the use of independent contractors in California and impose stiff penalties on small businesses for hiring independent contractors. AB5 is an outrageous attempt to deprive Californians of the freedom to work, destroy the once-booming gig economy, and boost government tax revenues by forcing independent contractors and their clients to pay higher employment taxes. 

Even before the Coronavirus, AB5 had devastated hundreds of thousands of workers already – and now AB5 is one of the biggest obstacles for unemployed Californians seeking what little work is available.

Gov. Newsom has the power to suspend AB5 completely so small businesses and independent contractors can find work during these challenging times. I want to commend Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for leading the fight to ask the Governor to do this, but Newsom has refused to do it.

What’s worse, Gov. Newsom is weaponizing the Coronavirus federal bailout program to enforce AB5 and punish small businesses and independent contractors.

President Trump wisely included independent contractors in the unemployment insurance provisions of the federal Coronavirus bailout program since many have lost their clients during the shutdown.

Unfortunately, Gov. Newsom has instructed the state’s Unemployment Insurance Program to use the federal bailout funds to collect data and evidence from independent contractors when they seek the unemployment benefits to build enforcement cases against small businesses that used independent contractors after January 1, when AB5 went into effect. 

I have heard from many independent contractors who fear if they apply for federal unemployment benefits, they will get their small business clients in trouble under AB5. 

Punishing struggling small businesses and independent contractors is NOT what we need during this economic crisis. 

If California politicians are serious about helping ease the economic impact of Coronavirus they need to start by repealing or suspending AB5.

Concerned taxpayers who agree that California politicians should suspend or repeal AB 5 can help send a message today by signing this petition:

Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California.