Reform California Launches Petition to Suspend the State Gas Tax

Reform California Launches Petition to Suspend the State Gas Tax

The price of gas is now a record-breaking $5.18 per gallon statewide in California! Working families are getting CRUSHED, and that’s why we’re mobilizing a grassroots campaign to demand state politicians provide relief by suspending the state’s high gas tax! Here is how we can do this and how you can help! 

Reform California has created a statewide petition and grassroots pressure campaign demanding that Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state legislature use their emergency powers (remember those from Covid?) to immediately suspend the following taxes that are spiking the cost of gas in California: 

Suspend the Gas Excise Tax: 51.1 cents per gallon

Suspend the Gas Cap & Trade Tax: 40-50 cents per gallon

Suspend the Sales Tax on Gas: 20-25 cents per gallon

Total Immediate Savings to Californians: $1.11-1.26 per gallon

By suspending these costly taxes on gas, the average California family will save over $215 per month immediately! 

California’s liberal politicians don’t want to do the right thing and suspend these taxes – but we need to get them all on record on their position on this proposal. That way if they don’t suspend the gas taxes during this crisis, we can use their inaction as an argument to defeat them in the 2022 elections! 

One HUGE side benefit of this grassroots ad campaign is to educate voters on who they really should blame for California’s high gas prices! I’m sure you’ve seen the dishonest media in California is bending over backwards to drive a false narrative that the high costs of gas are all because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  Let’s use this ad campaign to educate voters and get the real truth out there! 

Public pressure HAS worked in the past – even in crazy California! So please sign the petition and contribute to this fight today!

Sign the Petition: Suspend the California Gas Taxes

Contribute Securely: Demand California Politicians Suspend the Gas Tax 

Reform California Opposes “Savings Tax” Proposal

Reform California Opposes “Savings Tax” Proposal

California already has the highest Income Tax, Sales Tax, Gas Tax, Car Tax and Property Tax – but now California Democrat politicians want to impose another massive tax on savings, investments and assets of state residents

California’s taxes are already the highest in the country, but now California Democrat politicians want even more money from residents in the form of a new tax on the assets of residents.

The Democrat politicians claim the tax will only be paid by the “richest residents” in the state and have dubbed their proposal a “Wealth Tax” but opponents like Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio says the proposal needs to be best understood as a “Savings Tax.” 

“Californians are already paying the highest taxes on everything they earn, everything they buy, and every property they own – and after all that, if they manage to save or invest any assets, California Democrats want to take a chunk of that too,” DeMaio said. “California Democrats are punishing people who save for a rainy day,” DeMaio noted.

Assemblyman Alex Lee has introduced Assembly Bill 2289 to impose a new tax of 1.5 percent upon the “worldwide net worth” of California’s millionaires. It would also create a Wealth Tax Advisory Council and allocate a minimum of $325 million for the purpose of administering and collecting the tax. Lee’s proposal is projected to impose  an extra $22 billion a year in state tax burden on residents.

If AB 2289 passes, California would be the first state in the country to impose a “Savings” or “Wealth” tax. The proposal originally was proposed by national Democratic Socialists – including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  Washington state is considering a similar proposal.

Lee said when announcing the bill that he wanted the “rich to be paying their fair share.” But DeMaio says every taxpayer needs to worry.  

“Just as they did with the Income Tax when it was first imposed more than a century ago, once the Democrats create this Savings Tax it will quickly be expanded to include everyone,” DeMaio noted.

DeMaio also predicts that the tax increase will actually cause the state to lose tax revenue.

“You can only tax people so much before they say ‘enough’ and leave — California families and companies are fleeing the state every day because they can’t afford to stay,” said DeMaio. “Just look at Tesla, which shifted operations to Texas for better tax laws — we’re driving these people and jobs away because liberal politicians are greedy for more and more of your hard-earned tax dollars,” he concluded.

DeMaio and Reform California are committed to exposing and fighting tax increases like the California Savings Tax, and they have a record of success. 

In 2018, DeMaio spearheaded the signature drive to get the Gas Tax repeal on the ballot in 2018. DeMaio and Reform California have run successful campaigns that have blocked billions in costly tax proposals in just the last decade – including a number of local sales and property tax hikes, a statewide Water Tax and Text Tax, and even fees that masquerade as taxes such as the Mileage Tax. 

DeMaio says the first step to defeating taxes like the California Savings Tax is spreading the information with friends and family — and supporting Reform California’s efforts to get the word out to target voters.

“I’m asking concerned Californians to join our campaign today to promote this information to winnable voters and stop costly tax hikes,” said DeMaio. “With your help, we can win the fight to block these taxes and make California more affordable for our families,” he concluded.

Join the Campaign: Stop the Tax Hikes

DeMaio Leads Fight Against Mileage Tax in California

DeMaio Leads Fight Against Mileage Tax in California

On Top of the Highest Gas and Car Taxes in the Nation, California Democrats Now Want to Impose a Costly Mileage Tax on All Drivers

If you thought it was expensive to own a car and drive in California before, you need to grab your wallet because it’s about to get a lot more expensive under a proposal from California Democrat politicians.

Under the so-called Mileage Tax proposal being advanced, every driver would be charged 4 to 6 cents per mile that they drive. What’s worse, every driver’s mileage would be tracked and reported for billing purposes to local governments – raising serious concerns about privacy.

California Democrats say the new Mileage Tax would raise increased revenue that they want to spend on transit programs, and that it would discourage Calfornians from driving cars by making it more costly.

Critics of the Mileage Tax are already organizing and launching a campaign in opposition. 

Carl DeMaio, who serves as Chairman of Reform California, called the Mileage Tax “one of the most outrageous and absurd tax hike proposals I have seen in a long time — and remember, we’re talking about California where tax-and-spend Democrats have been raising taxes for a long time!”

DeMaio explained that the Mileage Tax is a regressive tax that hurts working families and the lowest income families the most. 

“It would cost the typical driver between $600 and $900 per year, assuming they drive only 15,000 miles per year,” DeMaio noted. “The Mileage Tax would be the death blow to many families, pricing them out of our state,” said DeMaio.

DeMaio is leading the statewide fight through his Reform California campaign committee to block the Mileage Tax from being imposed – and he’s targeting most of his efforts to block the first Mileage Tax pilot project in San Diego county. 

In December, the San Diego County Association of Governments (SANDAG), the county regional transportation board, approved the regional transportation plan — which included a Mileage Tax in it.

In addition to the Mileage Tax, San Diego politicians are placing a massive Sales Tax on the ballot in November. DeMaio says stopping these two taxes in San Diego is the focus of his campaign, as it sends a message statewide that politicians should not be considering a Mileage Tax or any other tax increase at this time — what DeMaio labels a “crazy and costly idea.”

“If we can kill the pilot project and show Democrats that the idea is radioactive then we have a good shot of killing this crazy tax before it is imposed statewide on all drivers,” DeMaio explains.

DeMaio warned local politicians that he will make this a political issue in candidate races, pledging to work toward the defeat of any politician who supports the tax hikes.

To organize opposition to the Mileage Tax and Sales Tax in San Diego, DeMaio is hosting a series of town halls in the county to recruit volunteers and supporters. These forces will wage the grassroots campaign this year to defeat the tax hike proposals — and to defeat politicians associated with the proposals.

The next town hall opposing the Mileage Tax and Sales Tax will be held February 10th and will feature San Diego Supervisor Jim Desmond and State Assemblywoman Laurie Davies speaking against the proposals.

RSVP: Town Hall Opposing the Mileage Tax

DeMaio is asking all Californians — not only in San Diego, but statewide — to contribute immediately to the Reform California grassroots campaign to stop the Mileage Tax. 

Contribute: Stop the Mileage Tax in California

RELEASE: Don’t Trust Local Politicians to Oppose Mileage Tax

RELEASE: Don’t Trust Local Politicians to Oppose Mileage Tax

We Can’t Trust Todd Gloria
The Mileage Tax Won’t Be Dead Until We Elect New Leaders to SANDAG

Reform California Continues County-Wide Campaign to Block Costly Tax Hikes Proposed by SANDAG and Todd Gloria 

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria (D) today released a carefully worded statement saying he wants to drop the idea of a Mileage Tax “for now” but today announced he will STILL VOTE FOR the Mileage Tax included in the SANDAG Regional Transportation Plan next week. Gloria claims he will “remove” the Mileage Tax later on.

In response, Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California and leader of the campaign opposing the Mileage Tax proposal offers the following statement:

When it comes to costly tax hikes, we don’t trust Todd Gloria for a second. Todd Gloria says he doesn’t want a Mileage Tax right now, but he still intends to vote for the SANDAG plan that includes a Mileage Tax! Todd Gloria is simply playing political games to buy some time because he is still backing a massive sales tax hike being put on the November election.

Gloria can say he will remove the Mileage Tax at a future date, but he has shown time and time again to be completely untrustworthy and dishonest when it comes to tax hikes. We have no doubt he and his cohorts will impose a Mileage Tax after the November 2022 election.

San Diego drivers will not be safe from a costly Mileage Tax until we replace Todd Gloria and other SANDAG board members with new leaders who will oppose all tax hikes and force SANDAG to fulfill its promises made to taxpayers to fix our roads.”

DeMaio encourages voters to join the Reform California campaign opposing the Mileage Tax by signing up at

About Reform California   Formed in 2003, Reform California is dedicated to holding state and local government accountable through ballot measures and recall campaigns. For more information, visit  

Republican Laura Lothian Wins Special Election

Republican Laura Lothian Wins Special Election

Opposition to Mileage Tax Proposal Propels Republicans to Big Win in City Council Election in Democratic Stronghold of La Mesa.

Reform California has been warning San Diego politicians that backing the controversial Mileage Tax proposal will backfire on them politically – and now an upset win in a Special Election in La Mesa provides proof of that.

In a Special Election to fill a vacancy on the City Council in the heavily Democratic City of La Mesa, Republican Laura Lothian has scored a solid win tonight.

“Laura Lothian made her opposition to the costly Mileage Tax the centerpiece of her entire campaign and the voters took note and handed her a huge victory,” notes Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

Reform California is leading the campaign opposing the Mileage Tax proposal being advanced by SANDAG and county Democrats.  Reform California and DeMaio endorsed Lothian and made her election a priority because of her opposition to the Mileage Tax.

Lothian’s win could spell trouble for SANDAG’s plans as her vote will create a majority on the City Council opposed to the Mileage Tax.

“We’re only just getting started and I hope the results of this election serve as a clear warning to all politicians who dare support a Mileage Tax that their political careers are at risk and we’re coming for them in the next election over this outrageous proposal,” promised DeMaio.

Attached is a copy of the Lothian Campaign Mailers on Mileage Tax 

DeMaio Blasts Gov. Newsom After He Threatens to Withhold Gas Tax Funds for Road Repairs

DeMaio Blasts Gov. Newsom After He Threatens to Withhold Gas Tax Funds for Road Repairs

“This proves exactly what we warned everyone about during the Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Campaign”

In releasing his proposed California state budget, Gov. Gavin Newsom included a proposal to hold back SB1 Gas Tax funds from cities unless they agree to change various housing policies. If Newsom’s proposal is enacted, taxpayers will be forced to pay the higher gas tax rates without receiving the benefit for road repairs.

“Is anyone surprised that only a few months after defeating Prop 6 that Sacramento politicians are threatening to divert our gas tax funds? This outrageous threat shows that Sacramento politicians simply cannot trusted with our gas tax funds and they are not interested in fixing our roads,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California.

DeMaio and Reform California led Yes on 6 – the Gas Tax Repeal campaign during the 2018 election cycle, activating an army of over 30,000 volunteers who helped collect nearly 1 million signatures to qualify Prop 6 to get it on the Nov 6 ballot, and who later helped the proposition earn 45% of the vote despite the campaign being outspent 22-to-1.

Reform California Blasts State Attorney General Over Another False Ballot Title on a Citizen Initiative

Reform California Blasts State Attorney General Over Another False Ballot Title on a Citizen Initiative

Pattern Emerges of Grossly Misleading Titles Being Placed on Ballot Measures Opposed by State Politicians

In 1911 California voters secured a Constitutional Right to use “Citizen Initiatives” to place items on the ballot to impose reform on their politicians. Today the state politicians have found a way to strip citizens of that precious right through pure deception. Read More

Reform California Kicks off Statewide Bus Tour to Repeal Gas Tax

Reform California Kicks off Statewide Bus Tour to Repeal Gas Tax

With the election just weeks away, the Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Campaign hit the road with a massive 45-foot bus wrapped in its campaign colors to hold “Rush Hour Rallies” with several thousand supporters at each stop along the tour. Motorists will receive free Yes on 6 Lawn Signs and materials as they drive by, and the Yes on Prop 6 campaign will hold a press conference with local elected officials and candidates to make the case for repealing the gas tax. Read More