Carl DeMaio Releases the Reform California Voter Guide for the 2022 Primary Election

Carl DeMaio Releases the Reform California Voter Guide for the 2022 Primary Election

The 2022 California Primary Election will be held June 7, 2022 and this year’s primary ballot is REALLY long! With a bunch of confusing ballot measures and hundreds of candidates running for office, voters can feel overwhelmed and lost. 

Fortunately, Carl DeMaio and the team at Reform California have thoroughly researched and vetted measures and candidates – and produced an easy-to-understand “Plain English” voter guide.

In vetting and endorsing candidates, Carl DeMaio and Reform California use the following criteria:

  • COST OF LIVING: Opposition to tax hikes;
  • CRIME: support for public safety and law enforcement;
  • SCHOOLS: commitment to improve schools, empower parents, and oppose toxic curriculum in the classroom;
  • JOB CREATION: support for small businesses and job creation against costly regulations and mandates, and
  • FREEDOM: respect for our Constitutional rights and personal freedoms.

Several candidates have appeared on the Carl DeMaio radio show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO and we have included their interview in the voter guide for you to listen to.

Because there are so many items on the ballot, the voter guide is separated into sections. Click on each section to see all the items on the ballot. 


California State Voter Guide (view website / print pdf)

For voters who live in all counties except Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties. Those counties have more detailed guides that can be accessed here:

Los Angeles County Voter Guide (view website / print pdf)

Orange County Voter Guide (view website / print pdf)

Riverside County Voter Guide (view website / print pdf)

San Diego County Voter Guide (view website / print pdf)

Briefing: Secure the Vote CA 2022 Campaign

Briefing: Secure the Vote CA 2022 Campaign

On Thursday, April 21, Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio held a virtual Town Hall Briefing to discuss our ambitious plan to restore election integrity in California – particularly as we approach the all-important 2022 midterm elections!

The plan includes a variety of projects and tactics:

1) A Voter ID Ballot Measure

2) An Audit of County Voter Rolls

3) Vote Verification and Ballot Harvesting

4) Monitoring the Process

Watch the briefing below and then join the fight!

Our fight to restore election integrity in California can only happen if grassroots supporters like you step up to help! In addition, whatever you contribute will be used as we seek MATCHING FUNDS from national groups, so please chip in what you can TODAY!

Can you please contribute anything TODAY to the “Secure the Vote CA” 2022 campaign?

Contribute Securely: Secure the Vote in CA 2022

Contribute Securely: Secure the Vote in CA 2022

How California Politicians Manipulate Voters with Deceptive Ballot Titles

How California Politicians Manipulate Voters with Deceptive Ballot Titles

Democrats control the ballot title process in California and they have abused that control to put false and misleading titles on ballot measures. Reform California is proposing to change that to remove bias and make elections honest.

Since 1911, California voters have had the Constitutional right to place “citizen initiatives” directly on the ballot and impose reform on their politicians. In addition to the right to recall politicians from office, the citizen initiative serves as a key check on state and local government.

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) contends that initiative titles and summaries

should be “concise, accurate, and impartial.” However, in California, partisan politicians decide what verbiage ultimately goes on the ballot. 

The California Attorney General is responsible for writing state initiative ballot titles and summaries. This has led to what opponents label “confusing” language that tricks voters into approving measures they don’t agree with.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, knows this all too well after fighting to get Proposition 6 on the ballot in 2018. 

In 2018 Prop 6 aimed to repeal the highly unpopular car and gas tax hikes imposed by Senate Bill 1. However, the proposed ballot title “Gas Tax Repeal Initiative” was switched to “Eliminates Recently Enacted Road Repair and Transportation Funding.”

“The Democrat Attorney General manipulated voters with ballot language written to make you believe the state would lose valuable ‘road repair’ funding — when the truth was that the money was really going to the general fund to finance liberal pet projects,” explained DeMaio. 

“The initiative actually sought to repeal recent increases in the gas tax and car registration fees and let voters decide for themselves on increases in the future,” DeMaio continued.

In 2020 politicians again gave a biased title to Proposition 15. The measure would have been a property tax hike that repealed sections of Prop 13 from 1978. Rather than state this, Prop 15’s title was “Increases Funding for Schools and Community Services…” 

“Prop 15 was sneaky — there wasn’t a single mention of ‘tax increase’ in the title,” said DeMaio. “California state politicians are liars, cheats, and thieves and we see it on the local level too as politicians place measures on your ballot that raise taxes without telling you,” DeMaio explained.

But how much does language alter the outcome of the election? 

In 2018, Competitive Edge Research & Communication (CERC) conducted a statewide poll of 428 randomly sampled likely voters, with a +/- 4.7% margin of error. The poll surveyed voters on their likelihood to vote for Prop 6 given actual vs proposed ballot language. A yes vote would repeal the gas and car taxes, and a no vote would leave them in place.

Voter preferences with the actual ballot language, “Eliminates Recently Enacted Road Repair and Transportation Funding,” closely followed the results of the 2018 election: 50% voted no and 32% voted yes. In reality, Prop 6 was defeated 57-43%.

However, the proposed ballot language, “Repeal the Gas Tax and Repeal the Vehicle Fees,” saw inverse results: 48% voted yes and 38% voted no. 

“The results of these polls and common sense is clear — politicians robbed the voters of cheaper gas and car registration fees by confusing them on the ballot,” said DeMaio. “Now we’re really seeing the results of that in the current gas crisis, where $1.26 per gallon is just taxes in California that could be eliminated and provide immediate relief to struggling families,” he said.

Republicans in the State Legislature recently attempted to pause the gas tax, but the effort was defeated along party lines — with Democrats supporting a further 2.86¢ gas tax increase this July.

DeMaio and Reform California are proposing a way to change the citizen initiative and remove politicians from the process, instead giving the responsibility for writing ballot titles and summaries to a neutral and independent body.

The Reform California proposal is simple:

  1. Take Politicians Out of the Process: The non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office shall provide the Title and Summary of all state ballot measures. In cases where an initiative is a Citizens’ Initiative, the Citizens shall also be able to offer a short Title for their Initiative to accompany the Title provided by the Legislative Analyst’s Office. Local governments shall be required to designate a neutral third-party (such as County Counsel or City Attorney) to devise ballot Titles and Summaries.
  2. Require all Tax Hikes Be Disclosed: The words “TAX INCREASE” shall be the first words of the title for any measure that increases taxes.
  3. Give Courts Jurisdiction: Courts should be empowered to make additional modifications to Titles and Summaries of ballot measures if any misleading information is presented by proponents or opponents.

DeMaio says that they are currently supporting a citizen initiative known as the Taxpayer and Government Accountability Act, which begins the ballot reform process. If approved, the measure would force all tax increases to be disclosed and detailed on the ballot.

“We must get the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act on the ballot, so please sign the petition and share it with your friends, family, and neighbors,” said DeMaio. “It’s a crucial first step in ballot reform, but the fight won’t end there,” he concluded.

DeMaio is urging all Californians to back Reform California’s mission to reform the ballot title process. Join the campaign today and sign the petition to get the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act on the ballot.

Join the Campaign: Make Ballot Titles Honest

SDUT Profiles Reform California’s Campaign to Win School Board Seats Statewide

SDUT Profiles Reform California’s Campaign to Win School Board Seats Statewide

San Diego Union Tribune says Reform California leading statewide effort to “train and support” candidates to fix local school boards in California

Reform California’s statewide campaign to reform school boards and remove toxic curriculum from the classroom is gaining attention. The San Diego Union Tribune ran a profile in its Sunday edition today on the grassroots effort to flip school board seats and two candidates that are receiving training and support. 

Reform California founder and former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio said the organization aims to train and support candidates with a goal of slating a candidate for every school board seat on the ballot.

“The school boards don’t respect parents,” DeMaio said. “Parents are the clients or customers of schools … The parent’s voice is so important. Unfortunately, we have school board members who, because they are owned and operated by these special interests, have shut parents out of the discussion. The only way to get those changes is to completely shake up leadership in each of the school districts.”

DeMaio said Reform California will offer training and mentorship to its candidates and possibly organize them in slates for individual districts. It may also provide financial support for campaigns, but that would be decided on an individual basis, according to “the seats that are most winnable, the candidates that are working the hardest,” he said.

Read the Full Union Tribune Story

Reform California Launches Petition to Suspend the State Gas Tax

Reform California Launches Petition to Suspend the State Gas Tax

The price of gas is now a record-breaking $5.18 per gallon statewide in California! Working families are getting CRUSHED, and that’s why we’re mobilizing a grassroots campaign to demand state politicians provide relief by suspending the state’s high gas tax! Here is how we can do this and how you can help! 

Reform California has created a statewide petition and grassroots pressure campaign demanding that Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state legislature use their emergency powers (remember those from Covid?) to immediately suspend the following taxes that are spiking the cost of gas in California: 

Suspend the Gas Excise Tax: 51.1 cents per gallon

Suspend the Gas Cap & Trade Tax: 40-50 cents per gallon

Suspend the Sales Tax on Gas: 20-25 cents per gallon

Total Immediate Savings to Californians: $1.11-1.26 per gallon

By suspending these costly taxes on gas, the average California family will save over $215 per month immediately! 

California’s liberal politicians don’t want to do the right thing and suspend these taxes – but we need to get them all on record on their position on this proposal. That way if they don’t suspend the gas taxes during this crisis, we can use their inaction as an argument to defeat them in the 2022 elections! 

One HUGE side benefit of this grassroots ad campaign is to educate voters on who they really should blame for California’s high gas prices! I’m sure you’ve seen the dishonest media in California is bending over backwards to drive a false narrative that the high costs of gas are all because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  Let’s use this ad campaign to educate voters and get the real truth out there! 

Public pressure HAS worked in the past – even in crazy California! So please sign the petition and contribute to this fight today!

Sign the Petition: Suspend the California Gas Taxes

Contribute Securely: Demand California Politicians Suspend the Gas Tax 

Reform California Opposes “Savings Tax” Proposal

Reform California Opposes “Savings Tax” Proposal

California already has the highest Income Tax, Sales Tax, Gas Tax, Car Tax and Property Tax – but now California Democrat politicians want to impose another massive tax on savings, investments and assets of state residents

California’s taxes are already the highest in the country, but now California Democrat politicians want even more money from residents in the form of a new tax on the assets of residents.

The Democrat politicians claim the tax will only be paid by the “richest residents” in the state and have dubbed their proposal a “Wealth Tax” but opponents like Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio says the proposal needs to be best understood as a “Savings Tax.” 

“Californians are already paying the highest taxes on everything they earn, everything they buy, and every property they own – and after all that, if they manage to save or invest any assets, California Democrats want to take a chunk of that too,” DeMaio said. “California Democrats are punishing people who save for a rainy day,” DeMaio noted.

Assemblyman Alex Lee has introduced Assembly Bill 2289 to impose a new tax of 1.5 percent upon the “worldwide net worth” of California’s millionaires. It would also create a Wealth Tax Advisory Council and allocate a minimum of $325 million for the purpose of administering and collecting the tax. Lee’s proposal is projected to impose  an extra $22 billion a year in state tax burden on residents.

If AB 2289 passes, California would be the first state in the country to impose a “Savings” or “Wealth” tax. The proposal originally was proposed by national Democratic Socialists – including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  Washington state is considering a similar proposal.

Lee said when announcing the bill that he wanted the “rich to be paying their fair share.” But DeMaio says every taxpayer needs to worry.  

“Just as they did with the Income Tax when it was first imposed more than a century ago, once the Democrats create this Savings Tax it will quickly be expanded to include everyone,” DeMaio noted.

DeMaio also predicts that the tax increase will actually cause the state to lose tax revenue.

“You can only tax people so much before they say ‘enough’ and leave — California families and companies are fleeing the state every day because they can’t afford to stay,” said DeMaio. “Just look at Tesla, which shifted operations to Texas for better tax laws — we’re driving these people and jobs away because liberal politicians are greedy for more and more of your hard-earned tax dollars,” he concluded.

DeMaio and Reform California are committed to exposing and fighting tax increases like the California Savings Tax, and they have a record of success. 

In 2018, DeMaio spearheaded the signature drive to get the Gas Tax repeal on the ballot in 2018. DeMaio and Reform California have run successful campaigns that have blocked billions in costly tax proposals in just the last decade – including a number of local sales and property tax hikes, a statewide Water Tax and Text Tax, and even fees that masquerade as taxes such as the Mileage Tax. 

DeMaio says the first step to defeating taxes like the California Savings Tax is spreading the information with friends and family — and supporting Reform California’s efforts to get the word out to target voters.

“I’m asking concerned Californians to join our campaign today to promote this information to winnable voters and stop costly tax hikes,” said DeMaio. “With your help, we can win the fight to block these taxes and make California more affordable for our families,” he concluded.

Join the Campaign: Stop the Tax Hikes

Effort to Block Costly Tax Hikes in CA Faces Deadline for Signatures

Effort to Block Costly Tax Hikes in CA Faces Deadline for Signatures

Reform California is asking for volunteers to collect signatures on petitions to qualify two ballot initiatives to oppose costly tax hikes in California; effort needs 1 million signatures before April deadline.

Californians are being forced to pay the highest taxes in the country, but two proposed ballot initiatives would give the state’s taxpayers much-needed relief as well as protect them from future tax hikes. The only problem? The proposed ballot measures each need nearly 1 million signatures to appear on the November 2022 statewide ballot.

That’s why Reform California is asking for volunteers to help collect signatures. Volunteers can sign up to have petition booklets mailed to them and can attend a series of “signature storms” that Reform California is organizing in the coming weeks.

“We must fight back against the liberal tax-and-spend super-majority in Sacramento and demand tax relief for our struggling families,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California in announcing the signature drive to help qualify the two tax reform measures. 

“It is clear that California’s liberal politicians won’t stop coming after our wallets, so we need to impose restrictions on them using the citizens’ initiative process at the ballot box — and 2022 offers us the best possible environment to win,” DeMaio noted.

The first measure is called the “Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act” and it would close loopholes politicians have exploited in recent years to impose tax hikes. The measure would strengthen the requirement that local tax hikes must receive two-thirds voter approval to go into effect. In addition, the measure would combat false and misleading ballot titles currently used by state and local politicians to deceive voters into voting for ballot items that contain hidden tax hikes.
The second measure is called the “Repeal the Death Tax Act” and it would preserve Prop 13 and allow parents and grandparents to transfer property to their children and grandchildren without triggering a huge property tax increase.

Parents Groups Forming in Local School Districts Seek Reform in 2022

Parents Groups Forming in Local School Districts Seek Reform in 2022

The overwhelming success of the San Francisco School Board recall may be just the beginning of a statewide parents’ revolt. That’s why Reform California is leading a campaign to recruit and support candidates for school boards who will respect input from parents, remove controversial curriculum from the classroom, and fix failing schools.

The vote wasn’t even close. When all the ballots were counted this past week in the San Francisco School Board recall election, voters overwhelmingly voted to remove three controversial school board members from office. Even in the Democratic stronghold of the Bay Area, parents are rising up to oppose extreme curriculum and demand elected officials fix failing schools.

The lopsided vote suggests parents of all political persuasions are rising up to seek change in how school districts are being run.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, explained the concerns parents are feeling.

“Parents are fed up for a number of reasons — and contrary to what you read about in the liberal media, it’s not just over schools being locked down for 18 months in California while the rest of the schools across the country were open or the divisiveness of mask and vaccine mandates,” DeMaio explained.

“Parents from all political backgrounds are shocked by the extreme and divisive curriculum being taught in the classroom and by the disrespectful treatment of parents by school officials and board members,” DeMaio continued.

“On top of that, parents see that student academic achievement is plummeting, but school officials seem focused on divisive political topics rather than doing what is best for the children,” DeMaio noted.

DeMaio’s organization, Reform California, is helping parents statewide to organize and demand change. By partnering with local groups and policy think tanks, Reform California seeks to improve collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders who should work together to force changes in schools.

In addition to coalition building to put pressure on existing school board members to enact reforms on their own, Reform California is prepared to take the issue of school reform to the ballot box in the 2022 elections.

That’s why Reform California is actively working to recruit, train and support candidates for school boards across the state.

“We’re working to win school board seats and elect common-sense school board leaders who will actually listen to parents and run our schools with professionalism and with a laser-focus on doing what is best for students,” DeMaio explained.

One of those candidates is Becca Williams, who is running for San Diego Unified School Board District C. Williams, a mother of two and former teacher, says that school mandates, extreme curriculum, and learning loss from remote schooling spurred her to run for office.

“I feel strongly that every family deserves to have a tuition-free public school option that they can trust, and I think trust is the biggest thing that’s been eroded,” said Williams. “There are just so many things that have really alienated families and they don’t feel that they can trust sending their kids to schools anymore.”

Williams pledged to be a voice for parents and blasted the current San Diego Unified School Board for not following the science, calling them a “hot bed” of everything that could go wrong.

“It turns out feelings are not a strategy for budget or for ensuring students get a quality education — they’re also not a strategy for complicated challenges like Covid,” said Williams.

DeMaio encouraged parents and concerned citizens to get involved in the fight to reform school districts in 2022.

“We cannot wage this battle alone — we rely on the support of grassroots contributors and volunteers, so this is a fight that everyone needs to join today — our children are depending on us to act,” DeMaio concluded.

Join the Fight: Reform California Campaign to Elect New School Board Members

Reform California Releases List of 24 Target Seats for 2022

Reform California Releases List of 24 Target Seats for 2022

Reform California Launches Ambitious Campaign to Recruit Candidates and Win 24 Toss-Up Seats in Effort to Rebalance the State’s Politics

The past several election cycles have not been kind to moderates and conservatives in the state of California. Democrats currently hold every statewide office and a supermajority in the Legislature — effectively making California a state under one-party rule.

With a national wave election possibly shaping up and with the redistricting process shifting the boundaries of congressional and state legislative seats across the state, the 2022 election could bring a sea-change in California politics that could restore some balance to state politics.

That’s why Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, recently announced his organization will wage a statewide campaign to recruit and support quality candidates to run in what he says are the top target seats in California. 

Their target list includes 8 congressional seats and 16 state legislative seats statewide. On top of those 24 seats, DeMaio and Reform California are compiling a list of local target seats (county boards, city councils, school boards, etc.) that could be flipped in each county.

“There’s no doubt that California has been a tough state for center-right candidates to compete in, but if any year is an opportunity year, 2022 offers the best chance in decades to end the Democrats’ extremist policies and one-party stranglehold on California,” said DeMaio. 

“We absolutely must compete aggressively for these 24 seats — and try to pick up as many local seats as possible in 2022,” DeMaio said.

Reform California’s 3-Point Campaign Strategy to Win Target Seats

DeMaio and his Reform California organization are pursuing a 3-pronged effort to win the 2022 elections and restore “sane” government: defining the narrative, recruiting and supporting reform-minded candidates, and demanding election integrity.

The first prong, defining the narrative, is the best way to win toss-up seats according to DeMaio.

“We need to run on three common-sense issues: cost of living, crime, and schools,” said DeMaio. “This is what real voters care about — issues where Democrats have zero defense for their atrocious record,” he continued.

DeMaio and Reform California intend to run aggressive issue advocacy campaigns on these three topics to highlight the differences between candidates in the toss-up seats.

For the second prong, Reform California is actively engaged in organizing town halls, recruiting volunteers, hiring college and high school students for campaign canvassing, and raising funds for ad campaigns to support candidates. 

Third, Reform California will address problems with election integrity through a new statewide “Secure Your Vote 2022” campaign to prevent voter fraud in the primary and general elections while helping voters cast and track their ballots with confidence.

DeMaio said winning most or all of these 24 target seats would represent a “milestone” in shifting political dynamics in California. 

“Winning the congressional seats would ensure that Democrats nationally lose control of the House,” said DeMaio. “For the State Senate and State Assembly, winning our target seats will allow us to be relevant again in Sacramento and stop extreme Democrat policies,” explained DeMaio.

Carl DeMaio is urging supporters to contribute to the campaign to win these 24 target seats.

“The only thing limiting us right now is lack of resources — so we’re urging all concerned Californians to join us in fighting for these 24 target seats by contributing whatever they can today to the campaign,” DeMaio concluded.

The List of 24 Seats – Do You Live in One?

DeMaio said Reform California selected their 24 target seats after analyzing the results from previous elections — including the most recent 2021 recall election. 

US CONGRESS – 8 Targets

  1. CA3 (Placer, El Dorado, Sierras) — R+7 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Kevin Kiley, Scott Jones; Democrat Candidates: Dr. Kermit Jones
  2. CA22 (Bakersfield, Delano, Corcoran) — D+16.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: David Valadao (inc.), Adam Thomas Medeiros, Chris Mathys; Democrat Candidates: Rudy Salas, Bryan Osorio
  3. CA27 (Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley) — D+10 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Mike Garcia (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Christy Smith, Quaye Quartey
  4. CA40 (Yorba Linda, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita) — R+7.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Young Kim (inc.), Greg Raths, Nick Taurus; Democrat Candidates: Dr. Asif Mahmood
  5. CA41 (Corona, Yucaipa, Coachella Valley) — R+2.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates:Ken Calvert (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Shrina Kurani, Brandon Mosely, Will Rollins
  6. CA45 (Cerritos, Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove) — D+4 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Michelle Park Steel (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Jay Chen, Joseph Cho
  7. CA47 (Newport Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach) — R+0 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Scott Baugh, Errol Webber, Amy Phan West, Brian Burley; Democrat Candidates: Katie Porter (inc.)
  8. CA49 (South Orange County/Northwestern San Diego) — D+0 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Brain Maryott, Lisa Bartlett, Christopher Rodriguez; Democrat Candidates: Mike Levin (inc.)

Contribute: Win Target Congressional Seats in California

STATE SENATE – 6 Targets

  1. SD4 (Placer, El Dorado, San Joaquin, Fresno) — R+4.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Michael Gordon, Jeff McKay; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  2. SD6 (Roseville, Citrus Heights, Arden, Galt) — R+2.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Roger Niello; Democrat Candidates: TBD 
  3. SD16 (Bakersfield, Hanford, Visalia) — D+12 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: TBD; Democrat Candidates: Imelda Ceja
  4. SD36 (Cerritos, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point) — R+3.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Janet Nguyen; Democrat Candidates: Kim Carr
  5. SD38 (South Orange County, Encinitas, La Jolla, Mission Beach) — D+3 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Matt Gunderson; Democrat Candidates: Catherine Blakespear, Joe Kerr
  6. SD40 (East County San Diego and San Diego north of Hwy 52) — R+2 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: TBD; Democrat Candidates: TBD

Contribute: Win Target State Senate Seats in California


  1. AD7 (Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova) — D+3 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Josh Hoover; Democrat Candidates: Ken Cooley (inc.)
  2. AD33 (Hanford, Pixley, Porterville) — R+1 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Devon Mathis (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Jose Sigala
  3. AD40 (Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley) — D+11 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: TBD; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  4. AD47 (Coachella Valley) — D+3 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Greg Wallis; Democrat Candidates: Christy Holstege
  5. AD59 (Yorba Linda, Chino Hills, North Tustin) — R+9 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Phillip Chen; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  6. AD63 (Norco, Menifee) — R+6 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Clint Lorimore, Bilal Essayli; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  7. AD70 (Garden Grove, Fountain Valley) — D+2.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho, Ted Bui, Emily Hibard; Democrat Candidates: TBD
  8. AD72 (Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo) — R+7.5 Registration Advantage:  Republican Candidates: Diane Dixon; Democrat Candidates: Judie Mancuso
  9. AD74 (South OC/Oceanside) — R+2 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates:  Laurie Davies (inc.); Democrat Candidates: Chris Duncan, Laurie Girand
  10. AD76 (San Marcos, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo) — D+3.5 Registration Advantage: Republican Candidates: Kristie Bruce-Lane and June Cutter; Democrat Candidates: Brian Maienschein

Contribute: Win Target State Assembly Seats in California

With Crime Surging, Reform California Backs Recall Against LA District Attorney George Gascon

With Crime Surging, Reform California Backs Recall Against LA District Attorney George Gascon

With crime surging throughout Los Angeles county, a recall has been launched to remove District Attorney George Gascon from office for refusing to prosecute and punish criminals

In 2020 George Gascon narrowly won the race for Los Angeles District Attorney by claiming that the criminal justice system was a racist institution, police officers abused their powers too much, and criminals needed “restorative justice” rather than punishment. Less than halfway through his term, Los Angeles is being rocked by skyrocketing crime – from smash-and-grab robberies to a wave of violence and homicides.

Gascon has repeatedly declined to press charges against criminals and has consistently sought minimal or no punishment for those who are charged. Worse, Gascon’s office is facilitating no-bail release of criminals while they await trial.

Now concerned citizens are banding together to remove Gascon from office using the Recall process and replace him with a District Attorney who will get tough on crime.

This week the recall against George Gascon got a boost when Reform California headed by Carl DeMaio announced their endorsement of the effort. Reform California is the largest grassroots activist organization in the state and has a track record of success with recalls.

“We support the recall of this dangerous coddle-the-criminal politician from office not only for the safety of Los Angeles residents, but because ending his political career with this Recall will send a message statewide and nationally that voters reject coddle-the-criminal policies of the Left,” said DeMaio.

Supporters need to collect more than half-a-million signatures of voters registered in Los Angeles county and have an early summer deadline to hit to get the Recall on the November 2022 ballot.

In announcing his endorsement of the Recall against George Gascon, DeMaio had Recall proponent Steve Cooley (himself a former Los Angeles District Attorney) on his radio show to discuss the campaign (full interview segment below).

If you are a registered voter in Los Angeles county, we urge you to immediate download and sign the petition ASAP and help collect signatures before the deadline. Or consider contributing to the campaign directly.

Petition website:

Contribute to this fight HERE!