Recall School Board Member Charda Bell-Fontenot

Our Mission
In the wake of sweeping closures of schools, Reform California launched the School Board Recall initiative to give parents and concerned citizens a tool to hold school board members accountable. We help provide the tools to local communities, students and families to potentially recall their local board members. Board members who egregiously disregard the opinions of parents and create toxic environments in their schools have no place in elected office.

Why was Charda Bell-Fontenot targeted first?
Reform California Founder and Chairman Carl DeMaio sums it up: “Charda Bell-Fontenot is being targeted first because she’s the textbook definition of a bad school board member. It is absolutely shameful that Charda Bell-Fontenot is dismissing the countless families and parents who want their children back in school. Instead of working to safely reopen schools, Bell-Fontenot has lashed out at parents and created a toxic environment at the La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board. Ms. Bell Fontenot should be fighting to reopen schools, not fighting concerned parents and her fellow board members, she must be recalled from office immediately.”

Charda Bell-Fontenot hurt our kids by voting to keep La Mesa-Spring Valley schools closed, and then unfairly attacked parents and fellow board members as “white supremacists” and “racists” for wanting to reopening the schools.

This toxic behavior is unacceptable. That’s why parents and citizens are uniting to recall Charda Bell-Fontenot from the school board.

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