Defend the Freedom to Work โ€“ Repeal AB 5!

Reform California is urging state politicians to immediately repeal AB 5 โ€” a fatally-flawed law they passed to ban independent contractors from working in California.

What is AB 5 and How it Hurts Workers

AB 5 prohibits businesses from hiring independent contractors and instead requires them to use employees to do all work. Worse, the state government has launched investigations of businesses who use independent contractors to punish them with a variety of costly enforcement penalties and fines.

AB 5 has cost hundreds of thousands of independent contractors their clients and decimated their ability to earn a living. Horror stories are piling up of out-of-work coaches, musicians, hairstylists, graphic designers, etc.

In addition to putting independent contractors out of business, AB 5 will hit small businesses the hardest since smaller companies tend to outsource some functions and work to independent contractors due to size and scale.

AB 5 is a shameful attempt by Sacramento politicians to impose new employment taxes on every job performed in our state. By converting independent contractors into employees in every company, state politicians can collect higher employment taxes.

In addition AB 5 will allow unions to organize more workers and force them to pay union dues that would automatically be taken out of each employees paycheck. AB 5 also provides shady lawyers an opportunity to shake down small businesses with frivolous lawsuits.

How You Can Help Repeal AB 5

Reform California is currently pursuing a three-track strategy to repeal AB 5:

  • Sign & Share the Petition: Reform California is working with stakeholders to pursue legislative and legal challenges to AB 5.
  • Organize The Resistance: Reform California is organizing the grassroots resistance to AB 5, your voice is our most powerful tool in this fight.
  • Punish Sacramento Politicians: Reform California took out a State Senator who voted to raise our gas taxes, we will target vulnerable legislators to send a message they canโ€™t take our freedom to work and get away with it.