San Diego working families are being hurt by politicians trying to impose unfair tax hikes and costly mandates.  Our coalition is committed to holding San Diego local government accountable.

San Diego is an awesome place to live, but many of our local politicians are promoting policies that will negatively impact our quality of life for years to come.  A coalition of concerned citizens, taxpayer watchdogs, and small business leaders are working together to hold local government accountable in a number of ways:

  • Stop the Tax Hikes: Politicians are proposing massive tax hikes to plug budget shortfalls they intentionally created by engaging in reckless spending. Working families can’t afford to pay more.

 Solution: Our Coalition will mount an aggressive campaign to defeat ANY unneeded tax hike that is proposed. 

  • Protect Neighborhood Services: Politicians are threatening to cut important neighborhood services but refuse to take on powerful special interests that are getting sweetheart backroom deals at taxpayers’ expense.

 Solution: Our Coalition will conduct investigative research to uncover wasteful spending and offer common-sense efficiency reforms to make government work better.

  •  Reduce Homelessness and Crime: Politicians refuse to enforce the law and as a result we see crime and homelessness skyrocketing in our region. We deserve clean and safe neighborhoods while also ensuring a high level of community trust in our police force.

Solution: Our Coalition will support law enforcement in the fair and transparent policing of our communities and combine compassion with accountability in offering individuals services to break the cycle of homelessness.

  • Fix the Roads: Politicians have raided our road repair funds and now are advancing an extreme transportation program that would waste billions in taxpayer funds on transit projects that residents won’t use.

 Solution: Our Coalition will demand that existing highway and road projects be completed and fight to dedicate a percentage of funds in each budget to road repairs and other key infrastructure projects.

  • Foster Job Creation: Politicians are destroying jobs and hurting small businesses with costly mandates and regulations. Too many businesses are reducing staff and/or leaving our region completely.

Solution: Our Coalition will oppose unneeded or discriminatory regulations that add obstacles to job creation or small business success.