Gavin Newsom’s extreme agenda is hurting Californians

– we must remove him from office.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has failed Californians in so many ways and the only remedy is to elect a new Governor in 2022. Even though we fell short of removing Gavin Newsom in the 2021 Recall Election, we made progress in the fight against him by growing our share of key vote groups. In 2022 we expect California’s problems will only be WORSE than during the Recall – giving us another shot at taking Newsom out of office!

Newsom’s destructive agenda includes:

1. California is unaffordable: Gavin Newsom raised taxes, destroyed jobs, and imposed mandates making housing, gas, utilities, and more too expensive.

2. Crime is skyrocketing: Newsom’s “coddle the criminal” policies have led to the worst increase in crime in decades with a spike in murders and robberies.

3. Schools are failing: Newsom ordered schools to close – while our schools rank in the bottom fifth and are getting worse.

4. Homelessness is everywhere: Newsom is wasting billions of taxpayer money on failed homeless programs.

5. Special privileges for politicians: Newsom shut down the economy, but dined without a mask with lobbyists. Newsom forced unemployed workers to wait months for benefits but he never missed a paycheck himself – and then gave himself a raise.

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