Gavin Newsom’s extreme agenda is hurting Californians

– we must remove him from office.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has failed Californians in so many ways and the only remedy is to elect a new Governor.  Newsom’s destructive agenda includes:

  • Draconian Lockdowns: Newsom destroyed the livelihoods of millions of California families through meat-cleaver-like lockdowns without regard for any cost-benefit or evidence-based analysis
  • Hypocrisy: As Newsom demanded full compliance with his Covid restrictions on personal freedom and economic activity, he blatantly ignored those same rules on his own personal conduct
  • Massive Tax Hikes: Newsom has supported unfair and costly tax hikes on families and businesses – including calling for the repeal of Prop 13, backing sales tax hikes, endorsing income tax hikes, supporting the gas and car tax hikes, etc.
  • Destroying Jobs: Newsom supports the AB 5 ban on independent contractors
  • Closed Schools: Newsom destroyed the education of our children by siding with the unions. Kids lost a full year of learning and teen suicides spiked!
  • Wildfire Mismanagement: Newsom refuses to protect lives and property from catastrophic wildfires by allowing negligent management of forests and wildland-urban interface areas to continue
  • Illegal Immigration: Newsom supports open borders, allows illegal immigrant violent criminals to be protected from deportation, and has backed taxpayer-funded welfare benefits for non-citizens
  • Rampant Homelessness: Newsom’s approach to homelessness has failed miserably
  • Coddle-the-Criminal: Newsom has gutted tools for law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe by siding with criminals. Newsom even backs less restrictions on sex offenders who target minor children.
  • …the list of Newsom’s failures goes on and on and on….

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