Decline-to-Sign in San Diego

Help Stop Petition Fraud and a Deceptive Tax Hike in San Diego County

San Diego County voters beware! San Diego politicians have hired canvassers to collect signatures at stores in your area on petitions to place a measure on the November 2024 ballot. Warning: they are outright lying about what the petition does!

As you can see in this photo, their unethical canvassers are telling unsuspecting voters that the petition is to “fix potholes.” Some are even saying it is for “public safety” or “environmental protection.” These are all lies. The petition is actually to approve a massive county sales tax hike!

Here are the facts about this fraudulent petition and costly tax hike scheme:

  • Zero Funding for Roads: The initiative does NOT earmark any funds for roads or pothole repairs. Quite the contrary, the tax hike benefits SANDAG which has repeatedly raided road repair funds, cancelled highway expansions, and diverted funds to bike lanes and transit projects that has seen declining ridership for years.
  • Special Interests Get Your Money: The tax hike lines the pockets of government employee unions and politically-connected contractors and developers.
  • A Pattern of Lies and Waste: SANDAG which was caught misrepresenting its finances to voters on in the last election and they have even cancelled road projects they specifically promised to voters in previous elections in exchange for other tax hikes. SANDAG auditors have uncovered millions in abuses of taxpayer funds.


  1. SIGN THE COUNTER PETITION: Reform California is circulating a COUNTER PETITION that it is asking San Diego County voters to sign so their name is not used in support of the tax hike. Use the button below to download the counter petition and follow the instructions carefully!
  2. VOLUNTEER: We need immediate volunteer help to table in front of stores and deploy “Truth Tellers” to warn voters not to sign the petition. Sign up at the button below!
  3. CONTRIBUTE: We need immediate funds to run ads warning voters about this fraudulent petition drive and tax hike scheme. Please contribute using the button below!

Carl DeMaio and his team at Reform California are leading the opposition campaign to block this unfair and costly sales tax hike. But we can only block this tax hike and prevent petition fraud if we get immediate help from concerned citizens like you – so join this fight today!

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