Politicians should not choose their voters.  The voters should choose their politicians.  That’s why Reform California is fighting for fair redistricting.

Why Special Interests Still Dominate the Redistricting Process

Every 10 years the districts for US Congress, the State Legislature, County Boards, and local city councils are redrawn using the updated population data from the Census.  In previous years politicians and special interests manipulated the drawing of these districts to give incumbents and the dominant political party (Democrats) an advantage.

The creation of a Citizens’ Redistricting Commission was supposed to end these gerrymandering games.  Unfortunately it did nothing more than provide window dressing on a very closed process that continues to be manipulated.

Without aggressive oversight by watchdogs and without substantial public participation in the process California voters risk getting stuck with a redistricting map that will once again protect incumbent politicians, benefit the Democrats, and split important communities of interest.

Holding Politicians Accountable for Fair District Maps

Reform California has launched its Fair Redistricting Initiative to ensure the following occurs in the creation of all federal, state and local political districts:

  • Serve as Watchdog on the Process: Reform California will monitor the work of each redistricting process to ensure it is fair, transparent, devoid of special interest influence, and is legitimately open to public input.
  • Empower Communities of Interest: Reform California will work with communities of interest (civic leaders, planning groups, parents in school districts, business groups, etc.) to ensure that the new Districts are drawn to be as compact as possible and reflecting legitimate common bonds of the residents.
  • File Legal Challenges: Districts should be consistent the federal voting rights and civil rights laws. Should a redistricting decision violate the law or undermine the voice of a particular community of interest, Reform California will support lawsuits to reverse that decision.
  • Draw Better Redistricting Maps: Districts should not be drawn to favor one political party or incumbent politician. Reform California will propose alternative redistricting maps to maximize legal compliance and competition.